The Rise of Donald Trump

Let me start off by saying that this article is in no way going to be an in-depth review into any of Mr Trump’s policies. Rather this article is going to focus on three main points:

  • The People Vs. The Establishment
  • The Disenfranchised Voters
  • The Media

I am focusing on these three points as I feel they are the most important areas in politics at the moment, and also the main reasons for Trump’s rise in the US.

The People Vs. The Establishment

For years the people of America have had to rely on a flawed two-party system, with those two parties being The Democrats and The Republicans. These are the establishment parties and no other party, apart from those two, has ever been in power in the US. The candidates the two parties put up are also very similar. Not in policy so much but in style, appearance and by how they communicate with the voters. What I mean by this is that they all seem to follow the culture of political correctness. They give speeches and try their very best not to offend anyone or make very big news which could land them in trouble with the electorate. The typical candidates from these two parties also commonly have what are known as Super Pacs. Super Pacs raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates. This essentially means that if a corporation donates to a candidate’s campaign, candidates them have to give them something in return if they win. Essentially, if you have the money in America, you can lobby and buy politicians. This then means that the politicians end up not representing their voter’s interests, but the interests of the big corporate donors. American’s are sick of the way politics is conducted. They feel like they aren’t represented by the elected. They feel their officials have sold them out while their problems are not being addressed or even listened too. American voters are also sick of the modern PC culture which essentially limits what you can and cannot say. Cue Donald J. Trump. Ever since he announced he was running for POTUS last year he has topped every Republican poll and he also won nearly every single primary. He has been an unstoppable force in the presidential race. He has even won the Republican nomination, for which he was given a 1% chance of winning by CNN. Win or lose the presidency, Trump has changed American politics forever. But why has he gained so much? Because he’s not a politician. Donald is Donald. He isn’t PC, he doesn’t care what people think and he talks to the real people in America. He does best when you talk to middle America. These are the people whose lives have been destroyed by illegal immigration. It has been pushing down the wages of American workers and has also led to some not being able to find work, due to illegal immigrants being prepared to work for less than what American workers will. Donald Trump started his campaign addressing the issue of illegal immigration and he is the only person to take the issue seriously, that is one big reason why he does so well. He talks to real Americans. There is, however, another reason for his rise, he isn’t taking big corporate donations, rather he is self-funding his entire campaign. This is huge! He is not, if elected, going to be beholden to the big corporate interests, but rather beholden to the American people and what they want from their government. He also speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back. He has no filter. He says what he thinks and acts on it. For to long voters in America have been given politicians that look the same, sound the same and act the same. On the whole, Donald isn’t the “business as usual” candidate, he is the candidate that is offering change. He is the candidate that speaks directly to many in America. He is completely different to any other candidate in history. He blurs the lines between the traditional Democratic and Republican bases and is not an establishment candidate. He has rallied against the establishment from day one and America loves it. For too long Washington has been ignoring its voters, and now they are rebelling against the machine. They are voting for Donald J. Trump.

The Disenfranchised Voters

For many years now there has been a section of America that has been completely disillusioned with the political system. They don’t vote because they don’t see the point. They work hard, only for their money to go to the federal government in what they see to be wasted taxes. They see their children’s future’s being sold by politicians. They see their country being plunged into further debt and fiscal mismanagement. Time and again they see the same voices with different faces sounding the same, promising everything and doing nothing. They feel helpless. Cue Donald. He has made people believe in the political system like never before. He has received the most votes than any other Republican presidential candidate in history. He has even managed to earn the votes of 20% of traditional democratic voters. He has managed to engage many people in voting and taking part in the democratic process. He isn’t a normal candidate. He speaks to them. He is their voice. In a world where they are seemingly ignored by their elected officials, Donald gives them hope that perhaps they will be listened to again.

The Media

The American people have a love-hate relationship when it comes to the mainstream media, with many people seeing it as the voice of big corporate and big party propaganda. An idea supported by the latest DNC email leak, but that’s a whole different story for a different day. Now there is no denying the media has been pretty unfair towards Donald during the election campaign. Yes, they have given him a lot of airtime, but they have put him through an unprecedented amount of scrutiny. Even going so far as to bring up 20+year-old controversies and scandals. Very rarely does the media run on a positive story on Trump. They tend to perpetuate the myth that he is somehow racist, xenophobic and sexist because of what he said being taken out of context. Take his running speech for example. In it, he referred to their being a disproportional amount of illegal immigrants committing crimes such as like rape, murder and drug smuggling. Keep in mind now, he was talking specifically about illegal immigrants. Now there is some data which proves Trumps claims and some which disprove them so we won’t go into whether he was right or wrong. However, as soon as Donald made these remarks, the media made it seem like he was claiming every single Mexican was a rapist. It was dishonest beyond belief. We have seen it in the UK with the rise of UKIP, as the media tried to paint us out as racists. However they failed to convince the public of their smears and lies, and the American media have done the same thing. Record numbers of Americans are now getting their news from sources that are not seen to be in the mainstream. Independent news organisations which report the news without any spin or bias. That is why Trump is rising. Americans no longer trust the lies of the mainstream. People are starting to think for themselves and find alternative forms of media as they realise the MSM is biassed towards their own interests. In my section of the People Vs. The Establishment, I spoke about how many candidates try not to make the news. They try their best not to cause any big controversy and say and do what their party and donors tell them to. Not Donald. Since day one of his announcement of him running for POTUS, he has been in the media. Some of it not for very good reasons admittedly, but to Donald that doesn’t matter. In his book “The Art of the Deal”, Donald spoke about the media and said:

“One thing I’ve learned about the press is they’re always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational, the better,” he writes on page 56. “It’s in the nature of the job, and I understand that. The point is that if you are a little different, or a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you.”

“I don’t mind controversy, and my deals tend to be somewhat ambitious,” he added. “The result is that the press has always wanted to write about me.”

In other words, what Donald is saying here is that no media is bad media. Whatever gets his name out there is what he will do. He plays them. Whatever he does will earn him more recognition and therefore more voters. Now yes, this could backfire. He may end up doing something so outrageous he turns off his base and his potential voters. However, Donald is a very clever man. His latest scandal took place when he asked Russia to look for the 30,000+ emails Clinton deleted before handing in her illegal email server for investigation. This prompted outrage, with some even claiming it was espionage. However, that didn’t matter. Because after a few hours, the Clinton campaign released a statement saying that Donald’s comments endangered national security. Now you may be thinking that would be it. Donald has lost this one. But let’s take a closer look. Clinton has always said the 30,000+ emails that were deleted were personal emails. So why, if Russia did find them, would they endanger national security? They wouldn’t. He got the Clinton campaign to admit that the 30,000+ emails were indeed a threat to national security, a claim Clinton has denied since day one. Clinton is now seen to be more of a liar than she was before. Donald achieved his goal. Donald beat the media and the Clinton campaign at their own game. He plays the media to his advantage and turns each controversy into a win for him. More coverage, more name recognition and more controversy means more votes for Donald. It’s quite amazing when you think about it.

Donald Trump is well on his way to winning the White House in November. He is currently polling somewhere in the region of 48%, while Clinton is on 40%. This race will be historic. Whoever wins come November, America will never be the same. Donald Trump has started a movement in America and it won’t die anytime soon. I will personally be hoping for a Trump presidency. Clinton is nothing but a liar who exploits her voters. She is taking money from big banks and corporations. She won’t act for America, she never has done. She will act in her own interests. Scandal follows her like a bad smell and the American people know it. Whoever you’re supporting you can’t deny that Trump has changed American politics forever.

William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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