The Number One Problem Facing UKIP

UKIP is a party I love. I joined a few weeks ago, for many reasons. But to receive abuse and be called a racist was not one of them. I am a student at a secondary school and you would be surprised how many lefties there are! I mean, I’m sure there are as many kippers, but they are too scared to speak out, in fear that they will be shunned away by the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). Almost every day I get called a racist, an idiot or something else horrible because of my political beliefs. But you know what, I really don’t care. Because the people that hurl these names at me don’t know what they mean. I do. I believe in fair Britain with a sensible government – but this clearly makes me a racist. Now I’m not the only one that gets this problem. In fact, I’ve never met a UKIP member who hasn’t been called a racist to their face.

I often question these people about their views and when it comes down to it, they don’t disagree with anything we say. They will just refuse to vote for a party when they are being constantly fed that it is racist by the media and the SJWs. And I would go as far to say that we could double our votes in 2020 if we can shake off this image. But that is most certainly not an easy task. Whatever direction this party takes, it must get rid of that image. I’m not going to comment on who I am supporting for the leadership just yet but whoever takes that position must commit to making this issue a priority.

There are lots of steps that must be taken to shake this off. The first one that I feel is probably the quickest way of accomplishing this task is to have more people of ethnic minorities in higher positions. Now I know we have Kurten in the London Assembly and Woolfe as Migration & Financial Affairs spokesman. But is that enough? People don’t straight away think of them as UKIP people. I would like to have one of our BME politicians (of which we have many) as either leader, deputy leader, chairman or deputy chairman. They are all fairly public positions that can be referred to when we are called racist. And I know we had more BME candidates than the Green party in the General Election, but that doesn’t jump to people’s eye. We need posters, we need speeches, we need people that can promote our BME politicians. Maybe a UKIP BME spokesman would do the trick, but we need something.

The next step would be to stop the media bias. Obviously, the papers are privately run and should be allowed an independent voice. So while I would like to stop them calling us racist, there isn’t a lot we can do about it other than moan. But there is one outlet that is calling us racist that we could have a massive impact on – the BBC (the Biased Broadcasting Corporation). They very often only show one side of the argument when it comes to UKIP and Brexit, they don’t allow time for the opposition. This is for one very simple reason. The government creates a BBC charter every ten years that sets out what the BBC should do and how they should act. It also makes clear that the BBC is independent from any government. This is all very well, except that the BBC know that the current culture secretary has power over them, and can very easily modify the charter next time to sack people or make life very difficult for certain departments. This means that they are always very careful not to upset the current government so they attack its main opponent. And since UKIP was taking a lot of Tory votes, they thought they would go anti-UKIP mad. Sadly, it paid off and a massive chunk of the electorate views the party and its leader as racist. So we must do everything in our power to put pressure on the BBC and the government to end all bias.

I’m sure that the next leader will work non-stop to combat this problem, but I worry that some candidates may actually make this problem worse. Only time will tell but I know that without solving this problem, things can only go downhill.

Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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