The Media are Lying to You

I am so sick and I am so tired of being told what to think by the mainstream media. I am tired of them pushing their own biased narrative so they can continue to pursue their agenda of misinformation. Now I have to confess, up until recently, I laughed off anyone who made claims, such as the one I am making today, as conspiracy theorists. How wrong I was. Be under no illusion, there is a war underway and it is an information war. For years the MSM (Mainstream Media) have had the monopoly on your mind, but now they are losing power. More and more people each year are switching off to the MSM and are turning to alternative forms of media found on the Internet. More and more unconventional media sites such as InfoWars, Breitbart and Drudge, to name a few, have garnered massive popularity in recent years, this is proof that people simply don’t trust the MSM anymore! More and more people are waking up to the fact the media are corrupt and they are not to be trusted.

I am writing this today as quite recently the media have shown their bias once again. Who against I here you ask? No other than Presidental hopeful Donald J. Trump. This should come to no surprise, though, the media constantly attack Trump and his supporters as being racist, xenophobic, islamophobic along with many other derogatory terms. However today I want to talk about the latest “issue” the media have taken with Trump, and that is the comments he made about second amendment supports defeating Clinton. For those who don’t know, the second amendment is the right, granted by the constitution, for all Americans to keep and bear arms. Essentially in a recent rally, Trump said that Clinton would appoint Justices that would take away the second amendment. This claim isn’t unfounded either, there have been many instances whereby Clinton and her supporters have called for a ban on firearms in America. Below are two videos proving just that:




After making these remarks, however, Trump then said that the second amendment people could do something about it. Now this could mean a whole variety of things. It could mean that the people who want to keep the second should vote for him (which is the way I took it) or it could mean that if Clinton did win, pro-second amendment people should protest and get something done legislatively. These are reasonable interpretations. Did the media take it to mean on of those two? Did they hell. They took it as a call to arms from Trump, calling it a call to assassinate Clinton. Seriously. That is how pathetic and twisted the MSM are.  This story went on for days! CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and others told their viewers and online readers that Trump was calling for Clinton’s assassination. This is what Trump is up against. Not only is he up against the political establishment, but he is also up against the media. Now one good thing for Trump is of course that a low percentage of American’s actually believe the MSM. Though that isn’t the point. The media’s job is to report the news. Nothing more nothing less. They are not there to interpret the news. They are there to report it. Though what do you expect when outlets, like that of CNN, have admitted their bias for Clinton!

However, what will surprise you is that during 2008, the media’s sweetheart Hillary Clinton suggested, during his presidential run, that President Obama may be assassinated. Did you hear about it during this recent scandal? No. The media want to control the narrative. We have to stop them.

The way the media have acted is frankly disgusting. This isn’t the only story to show the media’s clear bias against Trump. Earlier this week, the father of the Orlando terrorist which murdered over 50 people at the Pulse nightclub was seen sat behind Clinton at her own rally! This is disgusting, and Clinton, herself, is yet to disavow him! He also gave his endorsement to her, citing that she would be good for national security. What a fruitcake! This story is clearly worrying, to say the least. But it gets worse. Research from the Media Research Centre found that Trump being endorsed by David Duke, which he disavowed straight away, got 6 times the news coverage the terrorist’s father sitting behind Clinton did! This is wrong. This is so wrong. Their bias is on full show, and it is disgusting!

We in the UK have also experienced this problem. Media outlets such as the BBC spent so much time and money trying to slander and disgrace UKIP and Nigel Farage, it was almost laughable. They dragged up fake stories from his past to make him seem like a Nazi. They called him a racist because he wanted the UK to have control of its borders. He was called xenophobic for suggesting there might be a trend between crime statistics and immigration. UKIP was brandished as the alternative BNP. UKIP candidates were slandered and ridiculed. The list goes on and on. They acted in their own bias interests. They had no interest in being impartial. This was seen in the EU referendum as well, but we won’t go into that here. Needless to say that the Leave campaign was up against the establishment the same way Trump is. The difference is, though, it is yet to be seen whether he can win or not.

Trump winning or not though is not the point. The MSM are morally bankrupt. They will say anything to control your mind. Don’t listen to their lies. Seek the truth. Never surrender to the propaganda. You are the resistance against this establishment tyranny. You have more power than you think. Change things. Don’t be a sheep.

William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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