Crooked Clinton’s Conspiracy

Earlier this week, one Mr Nigel Farage went to speak at a Donald J. Trump Rally in Mississipi to tell, what he called, the Brexit story. The speech was uplifting, inspiring and thought-provoking. He essentially took the message to the American people that if you want real change you have to go against the establishment. You have to start movements and you have to campaign hard! You have to debate, you have to keep your cool and you have to be optimistic, proud and defiant in your beliefs. Mr Farage also went on to talk about polling and how during the EU referendum campaign pollsters had the Vote Leave camp trailing behind the StrongerIn near enough all the way through the campaign. He went on to say that on the day of the vote pollsters had Vote Leave down 10 points. Mr Farage brought this up of course as Mr Trump is failing to perform in some polls when compared to Mrs Clinton. In key battleground states, the race is either a 2 point lead to Mrs Clinton or it’s neck and neck between the two. However, in some cases, it is a 10 point difference between the two contenders.  Mr Farage’s point in bringing this up was to make the American people aware that pollsters don’t always have it right, and that polls shouldn’t make voters feel uneasy or nervous about the Trump campaign. Mr Farage also said that he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton even if she paid him! A half endorsement for Trump by any means. Overall, Nigel’s speech at the Trump rally went well. He was bright, optimistic and got a lot of cheers. The Brexit story is an inspiring one. The people facing up and beating the establishment at their own game. Giving two fingers to the establishment and saying we can do this! I will leave Nigel’s full speech below for you all to watch if you haven’t already. It really is quite something:

Little to say, this didn’t go well down over at the Clinton campaign. Within a day of Nigel giving the speech and saying that he wouldn’t vote for Mrs Clinton even if she paid him, Mrs Clinton went on attack mode. She pulled out the old establishment line. Farage is racist. Farage is sexist. Farage is against immigrants. Farage is a misogynist. She went so far as to take quotes from Mr Farage and put them in completely the wrong context. She said that Farage said that “women are worth less than men.” But let’s put Farage’s quote into context, something Mrs Clinton didn’t. Mrs Clinton got this from when Mr Farage said that women working in the city, more so, the brokerage industry are often worth less (not worthless) to their employers when compared to their male counterparts due to the choices women make for biological reasons. Mr Farage wasn’t saying women are worth less in every career path. He wasn’t talking about supermarket clerks, opticians, doctors, nurses or any job along those lines. He was talking about the financial sector, more so, the brokerage sector. Nothing more, nothing less. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement either. For instance, if a woman wants to have a family, then she will have to take maternity leave. Maternity leave means time off work, and in the financial sector, more so, the brokerage sector, time off work for anyone has a devastating impact on the company. The company has to find someone else to manage the client’s accounts that the employee leaves behind and this can become a real task if the client has developed a relationship with the employee that is leaving. And as women are more likely to take maternity leave when compared to men, it would seem an obvious statement that women, in the financial sector, more so, the brokerage industry, are seen to be worth less (not worthless) when compared to their male counterparts. Again, Mr Farage’s comments were referring to one area. The financial services industry, more so, the brokerage sector. I will leave a video link below so you can watch Mr Farage making the comments and defending them to make my explanation a little clearer:

Mrs Clinton also said that Mr Farage fueled anti-immigrant sentiment and wanted a bar on immigrants using the health service and schools. Mrs Clinton is dead wrong and is taking everything completely out of context! Firstly, Mr Farage has always stated that he is pro-immigration so long as it is controlled and managed in sensible numbers. Mr Farage also made the point throughout the entire EU campaign that if people wanted to control immigration, they should vote leave, as being in the EU doesn’t allow for border control. If that is what Mrs Clinton calls fueling anti-immigrant sentiment, then she is a fool. Being against mass migration isn’t racist. It’s sensible. Onto her second point about Mr Farage calling for a ban on immigrants using public services. Again, context! What Mr Farage has said is that new immigrants should have health insurance for at least 5 years before being able to use the NHS for free. He has also made the same point about education. This is both economically sensible and moral. For one, it takes the burden off the taxpayer to pay for the healthcare and education of new immigrants, and secondly, why should someone who has never paid a penny into the system be able to receive free healthcare or education? The positions Mrs Clinton brought up against Mr Farage to satisfy the claim that he is a racist just don’t add up. She did bring up a third reason to suggest Mr Farage is racist. The reason Mrs Clinton brought up was that Mr Farage called for the repeal of discrimination laws. Now on the face of it, this seems like a horrible thing, but let’s look at it in more depth. Mr Farage said that employers should be able to discriminate against who they wish when employing someone. This is something I agree with. After all, the very essence of private ownership is that you should be able to decide who you, as the owner, want to let in, serve, employ or whatever the case maybe. Why should the state have any say over who private businesses serve, employ or otherwise? In my opinion, they shouldn’t.  I believe in this because I am a libertarian. I don’t believe in an over-reaching state interfering in things it doesn’t need to. After all, we now live in a far more relaxed society when it comes to things like race, sexuality and culture. If a company was to discriminate against black people, gay people or foreign people, the free market would simply let that company fail. After all,  companies need public custom in order to stay open, however if a company was going to pursue bigoted policies, they would lose the publics custom and essentially bite off the hand that feeds them.  Mr Farage was arguing for the repeal of these laws on purley libertarian lines. Not racist lines. Where the government withdraws, the free market steps in and the free market will not tolerate bigotry or racism. I also support the repeal of these laws as I believe they put private businesses at risk. Under current laws, if a Nazi went into a Jewish bakery and asked for a swastika to be printed onto a cake, the owners of the bakery couldn’t refuse to serve the customer under discrimination laws. This is both immoral and unethical. Why should someone have to cater to people they profoundly disagree with in their own private businesses? They shouldn’t.

I will leave Mrs Clintons full remarks below for you to watch:

Mrs Clinton also pursued the claim that Putin controls the “Alt Right”, Trump and Farage. But, I’ll let Paul Joseph Watson deal with this claim:

Mrs Clinton is nothing but a con artist. She uses lies, deception and out of context quotes to make her seem like the better person. The truth though is that she will never fool us. We know better.

As always, Crooked Clinton is being Crooked Clinton, and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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