UKIP and Racism: Correlation or Rumour?

The first time I heard about UKIP was when I was around 15. My friends and I were sat around a table at lunch time and two of them were talking about recent politics. I remember them both speaking terribly about a party called UKIP, claiming that they were racist and homophobic. At that age, I had not been properly exposed to the world of politics as I should have been, I kept my opinion to myself most of the time as I was scared what would happen if I would speak up. Of course, the rage at my school back then was jumping on the bandwagon, and calling UKIP racist. Everyone followed the fad like sheep, in the hope to get social recognition for being positively liberal.

Back then, I did not understand why such a political party was allowed to exist. However, little did I actually know, I was constantly being fed political propaganda by others. It was not just fellow students that allowed themselves to be influenced by the backwards politics Tumblr so often enjoys to instill, but the teachers too.

Do you blame me for thinking this way now? Of course, after about a year and thorough research I finally understood why UKIP was an existing political party:

UKIP are not racist, discriminatory, sexist, or any other “ist” word you can possibly wave about.

In fact, in 2015 Nigel Farage mentioned the extreme kindness and tolerance he was faced with whilst passing through the predominantly black populated areas of south London.
‘Come with me to a black part of south London, walk down the street, and you will find black people going: ‘Hey man, good to see you‎”.’

If UKIP really were racist and others who thoroughly researched into their politics thought so, then why is his support in black communities so high?

The fear instilled in white people is far too great, these days. The barbaric history that some of our ancestors caused is something that we are still paying for to this day. But is this payment really worth our destruction of free speech and opinion?

Of course, many assume that reverse racism does not exist. Therefore, it is easy to give reasons as to why UKIP supporters who are black are happier to speak out about their views. No one can hold them against anything, well that is what political correctness tells us. UKIP has roughly over 40 ethnic minority candidates, too.

One must also point out, that UKIP is not tolerant of racist comments made by their associates, members, councillors and other followers.

In 2015, Rozanne Duncan revealed in a documentary, that she had a ‘problem with people with negroid features’. Soon after, as Nigel Farage was questioned over these comments, he mentioned:
“I haven’t seen the film but she is alleged, and she confirmed to us, that she had made a series of racist comments that is at odds with what we stand for.”.

Rozanne Duncan was thereafter, swiftly expelled from UKIP.

UKIP candidate Harry Perry often tweets about the possible white genocide, that we are faced with and frequently mentions his less tolerant opinion over Islam (This is where I must mention, Islam is not a race, one cannot be racist whilst criticising a religion). Left Foot Forward directly quoted one of his tweets as “astonishing” and “racist”. This tweet mentioned:
“Don’t forget about step two of White Genocide: Genetic assimilation via forced integration”

I am not entirely sure how this tweet is deemed racist, however. Is the freedom of speech and opinion, as well as highlighting main concerns in our society racist? This is partially what made me realise the kind of content that people were getting carried away with. Therefore, is it UKIP who are racist, or is it different political sides putting words in our mouths, discriminatory of political opinions?

Despite the numerous other ‘racist’ claims made by other members, they have all been given a very close eye by the party. It Is easy to say that UKIP is not tolerant of such behaviour, even if it’s members do sometimes get carried away.

However, do other members of other parties not get carried away too? It is exceedingly easy to see what side the media and press are on. The situation is not a case of who does and who does not promote peaceful and tolerant behaviour. It is a situation of what lies we are being told.


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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