Crooked Clinton’s Cataclysmic Campaign

Hillary Clinton isn’t having a very good time of it as of late. Her turbulent time began a few weeks ago when she was at a campaign fundraiser. She was with the rich and famous trying to raise funds for her morally bankrupt and devious presidential campaign. During the event, Mrs Clinton took to the stage and gave a speech about her campaign and, of course, went on the attack against Donald Trump. She can’t help herself but attack him at every opportunity. Don’t believe me? Go and look at her most recent campaign events and most recent tweets. Once you have done that, go and compare them with Trump. Donald does attack Hillary, but not to the extent Hillary attacks Donald. Clinton can go on whole Twitter tangents talking about how Trump is x, y or z, yet she has the audacity to say Trump can be berated by a tweet? Pathetic. Anyway, back to the campaign event. When she had finished attacking Donald, she moved on to attack his supporters. Yes, his supporters. And what did she say I hear you ask? She called them deplorable. She called them racist. She called them homophobic. She called them Islamophobic. She called them sexist. She called them misogynists. And they’re the people Clinton is trying to win over? Does she try to win over the American people by insulting them? Apparently so. Let’s be clear about something, the majority of Donald’s supporters are hard-working decent American’s who want to see some major change in their country. They want to see immigration controlled and they want to see America winning again.  Their concerns about radical Islam, bad trade deals and illegal immigration, to name but a few, are perfectly justified. The majority are not deplorable, they are Americans.



Yes, Trump does have some deplorable characters following him, mainly David Duke, but that is not indicative of the whole of his following. Imagine labelling everyone to be something because of the view of the minority within the group. Surely that would be bigotry? Seeing as though we are on the topic of deplorable supporters, how about we talk about Clinton’s KKK connections, something she doesn’t like to bring up. Back in 2010, while US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton recorded a video thanking her mentor Robert Byrd. Robert Byrd, by the way, is a former KKK member and recruiter. She has never once disavowed him, in fact, her husband and former president Bill Clinton defended him! Trump, on the other hand, has disavowed David Duke on multiple occasions and even disavowed him from the first time he  heard about his endorsement. So really Hillary, who’s campaign is more deplorable? I will leave videos below to further substantiate the claims I have made.

But that was just the beginning for Hillary Clinton. Most recently, at the 9/11 memorial no less, she was taken away in a private ambulance apparently suffering from heat exhaustion. The campaign said that Hillary was in fine health but that she was feeling a little bit overheated. Bearing in mind, on that morning in NYC the weather was mild. The humidity was low and the weather was generally considered to be fine. However, it obviously wasn’t fine for Hillary Clinton as she was rushed off into a private ambulance and taken to Chelsea Clinton’s home. She later emerged from her daughter’s apartment saying she was feeling much better. Now you may brush this off as being nothing more than a campaign hiccup. But, when you look into it, you realise there is something far more sinister and frankly dangerous going on here. For the last few months, people have started to notice things that are wrong with Hillary and her health. Constant coughing at campaign events, apparent memory loss, erratic behaviour and now her fainting from heat exhaustion on a mild September day. I will leave a video below that delves into greater detail.



After watching all the material above, you cannot deny there is something wrong with Hillary Clinton. This isn’t a conspiracy. This is fact. Even the campaign admit it. Remember how they said that Clinton had just overheated? Well, it turns out that she has pneumonia and she was diagnosed with it on Friday the 9th of September. 2 days before her episode. But let’s roll back. Before the 9/11 memorial, she was at a campaign event disgracing Trump supporters and calling them deplorable. Why was she not resting up? Why was she not at home resting? Something seems odd with that. But that isn’t all that seems odd. Why is that when she emerged from her daughter’s apartment after her episode, she was allowed to have a photo shoot with this little girl seen below?



Why did the secret service let the girl through security? This girl, for all they knew, could have been a major security threat, but no one even flinched. They just let her stroll through security as if she was just going to see a normal citizen, and not a high-security asset and possible POTUS. If that isn’t weird enough, why is it, if Clinton really does have pneumonia as her doctor and campaign say, why was she allowed to meet with the child and possibly expose her to catching pneumonia? Is she really that reckless? This was nothing more than a PR stunt. That is how low Clinton goes to win public support.

Hillary’s health is a serious issue no matter how you look at it. It is even panicking the DNC as they held a meeting considering whether to replace Hillary Clinton as their nominee. With the poll shifting in favour of Donald Trump as well, Clinton has a tough race ahead of her. Things are about to get interesting for sure. Especially seeing as though Donald Trump is well on his way to winning the presidency.

Clinton is a fraud. She is a liar. She will not stop lying in the pursuit of the presidency. She is not in it for the American people. Crooked Clinton will always be Crooked Clinton, no matter what. She is a criminal. Don’t believe me? Then I advise you to watch Clinton Cash and then get back to me. Always think deeper than what the campaign wants you to, and never give up in the pursuit of the truth.


William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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