The Ten Brexit Commandments the Government must Follow

Brexit has opened up a great opportunity to re-engage with the rest of the world outside of the outdated EU. The British people voted to leave the EU, and that decision must be respected. But while the general consensus is that we should leave, the remoaners are trying their best to make a Brexit-lite. That will not be tolerated by the British people, and it will not be tolerated by UKIP. That is why I am creating ten commandments that I believe will enable Britain to make the absolute most out of Brexit, as well as learn the lessons of what led up to it.

1)     We must leave the European Union.

This may sound rather obvious, but there is a lot of talk from the grumpy greens and the lying Lib Dems for either another referendum or just blatantly not leaving and ignoring the will of the people. This is wrong. There are a lot of remain supporters, especially in the Conservative party, calling for Brexit because they believe in democracy. While I disagree with them on this issue, I respect them because they accept the result and want to make it happen.

2)     We must leave the Single Market and Customs Union

One of the big promises of the leave campaign was that we would be able go global once again and make our own trade deals, free from the shackles of the EU. We will no longer be forbidden from making our own future and trading with whom we want to. However, if we stay in the single market and customs union, as some have suggested, we will still not be able to sign our own trade deals.

3)     We must regain full control over immigration

In my mind, the winning factor of the referendum was immigration. The day Vote Leave started talking about it, leave took the lead in the polls. If we were now to surrender our immigration control the EU again, that would be a betrayal of the British people. We must adopt a system that treats all immigrants the same, regardless of their location. My preferred system would be an Australian-style points system, but there are other examples that would work.

4)     We must not pay any money to the EU, other than trade-related funds

Another figure that was being thrown around in the referendum was the £350m that we lose control of to the EU every week. While we will not be able to spend every penny of that on new things (as a lot of it was already UK investment), we will have full control on how it is spent. We voted to get that money back and we must fight to get it back. We must not pay the EU any more bribe money. The only money going to them should be from trade. They have got themselves into the mess they are in and we must not be dragged down with them.

5)     We must not be involved in any way with TTIP

TTIP or the Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership was not actually brought up very much in the referendum, but it is a rather worrying prospect. It was a proposed deal between the EU and the USA, that aimed to increase US investment in Europe. While it did remove barriers for investing in private companies, it also removed barriers for investing in public assets, like the NHS. Now in my mind, big greedy American firms owning part or all of the NHS is not a good thing. Clearly for the EU that is not the case. We must make clear that we will have no involvement in TTIP and must keep the ‘National’ in our ‘National Health Service’.

6)     We must not be involved in any common military

As I reported last week, the EU has made calls for ‘common military assets’. While they didn’t specifically refer to an EU army, they did call for ‘common military assets’. This is not only dangerous and expensive, but it goes directly against what the British voted for. Nick Clegg, among many other remainians claimed the idea that an EU army could happen was ‘dangerous’, ‘divisive’ and many other of their usual meaningless words. We must be absolutely certain that we will in no way be involved with this scheme or anything to do with it. NATO provides us security in numbers, we should keep it that way.

7)     Foreign citizens should have full rights

While I wish we had endured less immigration over the last decade, we have to face the reality that the people who came here did so legally, and probably did the same your or I would have done in that situation. Every single one of them has done nothing wrong (other than the criminals, which is a different matter altogether). For this reason, they should not be punished and should keep all of their rights. Theresa May must guarantee that no matter what, foreign citizens in the UK will retain all of their rights. This point works both ways, however. British citizens who chose to move to the EU must keep all of their rights and not be penalised. If any law-abiding citizen is deported or treated badly by any government, that is a failure and should be treated as such.

8)     We must once again have the right to deport criminals

If somebody comes to Australia and commits a crime, no matter how small, the government has the right to deport them and often does. In Britain, we are forbidden from deporting EU criminals but can deport non-EU criminals. This is not only discriminations but costs us ridiculous amounts of money every day. We must ensure that we have the full right to deport foreign criminals from our country to EU member states when we feel it necessary.

9)     We must regain all of our fishing territories

One point that Nigel Farage made a big stand on was the fact that the EU controlled our fishing waters and said who could and who couldn’t fish there. They accepted hardly any fishing permits for small companies or individual skippers. On top of this, they slapped loads of regulation on them that virtually stopped them bringing home anything of any large value. However, big trawlers had the full rights to throw their nets in where they please and kill whatever they want to, even if they don’t need it. We must make our fishing waters ours once again, without the EU having any say in how they are run.

10)  Referendums should be used more often to make big decisions like Brexit

The referendum exposed some very serious differences between the ordinary folk of our great nation and the selfish political class that run it. Of our 650 MPs, only 158 backed leave. That included only 10 Labour MPs of 228! However, 52% of our people voted to Leave the EU. This has clearly shown that we need a new group of MPs that will actually represent the people, not the big greedy banks and multinational corporations. While this is not necessarily to do with the EU directly, it has shown a very clear point and it must be looked at in the aftermath of Brexit.

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Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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