The London Stock Exchange needs a Major Overhaul!

Richard Hoblyn

Richard Hoblyn is a Fellow of The Chartered Securities & Investment Institute as well as being formerly Authorised and Regulated by FCA UK Category 30. Richard Hoblyn, a 5th generation stockbroker, worked on London Stock Exchange for 32 years and was extinguished by RDR and lost the will to operate as a free enterprise full liability stockbroker with the new age regulatory demands imposed upon him. During his career he transacted around 40,000 HNW equity & gilt transactions. Prior to that he operated as a silver clerk during the great Bunker Hunt silver heist in the late '70s. Richard Hoblyn has been a vocal opponent of modern international accounting methods (off-balance sheet) as well as highlighting the scale of the global derivatives business which is mainly synthetic allowing bankers to hide enormous black holes in corporate balance sheets. Richard Hoblyn has warned about Deutsche Bank since 2007-2008 which will bring the global monetary system to the edge of the fiat precipace. Richard Hoblyn predicts a major financial calamity which may make 1929 look like the proverbial walk in the park. Richard Hoblyn advocates holding physical Gold in the form of Krugerrands and believes $3,500pto & then $7,000-10,000pto could be tested in a severe global firestorm which will obliterate UK property, pensions, fiat cash & may well bring down the internet as we know it. Skype ID: richardhoblyn & hoblyn-king also on LinkedIn Email:

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