The Left Wing Media’s Lies About Homophobia and Racism in UKIP

Kalvin Chapman

I am the secretary of UKIP Manchester and the secretary fo UKIP Greater Manchester. I stood as the parliamentary candidate for Stretford & Urmston in May 2015. I have never been a member of any other party, only UKIP. I live in Manchester and love politics.

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    I have been a chairman of two separate branches, I was awarded a gold medal for my hard work and dedication too the party. I have stood in two council elections and did extremely well both times, sadly narrowly missing out on being elected. I am often asked to help other branches when they hold action days and other events. My partner has also been a chairman too. I am an out gay man and both my partner and myself have mixed race heritage.
    I have never been treated differently from anyone within UKIP.

  2. pseudonym pseudonym says:

    “What I have found since joining UKIP is, as set out very clearly by Nigel Farage, pretty much no-one cares what your sexuality is. …But do not expect UKIP or its members to give you some rights or benefits or a platform that the rest of UKIP does not have. That is the same for every sub-group of people. No-one gets rights in UKIP that others do not have. We are all as equal as each other. No-one is more equal than the rest. And that is exactly what attracts me to UKIP.” Glad to have you as one of my colleagues in this party. Keep up the good work…

  3. Matt says:

    Well said.
    What I find interesting when UKIP is constantly labelled as the homophobic party, is that the finger never gets pointed at the Tories.
    It may have been Cameron that pushed for the legislation BUT the majority of Tory MPs voted against it!
    I haven’t renewed my UKIP membership as I’ve had poor health of late but was a member of Lewisham & Greenwich branch.
    Sexuality simply isn’t an issue there where Peter Whittle (UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate) has great respect from all along with several other gay members.
    Nobody is chosen by the members to represent the party based on gender, race, sexuality etc, just best person for the job.
    As a straight (unfortunately non-practising), over 40, white, British man I’m sure the Corbynistas reading this will think how would I comprehend discrimination, yet ironically they would discriminate against me for being what I am!

  4. Tracy says:

    Super exticed to see more of this kind of stuff online.

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