Moan for the Day (03/10/2016) – Attitude to Homelessness in the UK

Thomas Evans

I am a 32 year old fellow from the South Coast of England. For the last 10 years i have seen the degeneration of my local area as a side effect of being a EU Member State (United Kingdom). I have also been witness over the years to the ever increasing gaps in Social Mobility as a direct result of the decisions made by our politicians in Westminster. Whilst I appreciate we as a Nation need to have ties with Europe and that the mainstream parties have a stranglehold on the support of our electorate, I do not believe this current system is best suited as a member of the European Union or maintaining what is in reality a 2 party state. For this reason I support UKIP and will post my thoughts here from time to time.

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  1. Tori says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days stggurling

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