BREAKING: Diane James Resigns as UKIP Leader

Rumours are spreading in UKIP that Diane James has resigned as UKIP leader. Keep refreshing this page for updates.

Here’s what I’ve heard  so far – all unconfirmed reports/suggestions:

  • Diane James has resigned after only 18 days as UKIP Leader
  • Sources saying there is a family issue that led her to step down
  • She was spat at by a left-wing person last week in Waterloo (we know this) and this may have affected her decision
  • Rumours of a snap two-week leadership election, where Woolfe, Nuttall and Evans could stand
  • Woolfe fans are both happy and sad because Woolfe will be leader, but sad because Diane has stepped down
  • If the same happens now as happened when Farage resigned (the second not third time), the NEC will appoint an interim leader to lead while we have a leadership election
  • Nigel Farage has ruled out standing, not even for “10 million dollars” – could ‘dollars’ be a clue?
  • Diane James Confirmed she is not officially leader, she did not submit her papers to the electoral commission.

Here are some Tweets on the issue:

Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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