Secretary Hillary Clinton: Final Thoughts

I have written many times about my absolute disdain for Hillary Clinton, but this will be my last. I want to wrap up my thoughts and feeling about Crooked Clinton one last time so you, the reader, realise how evil this woman truly is.

Hillary’s Apparent Racism

We always hear about how much of racist Trump is for wanting to control immigration and implement strong border laws, something most people agree with. However, we never hear about Hillary Clinton’s past racism. Just for context, I am going to be mainly writing about what she has said and done in the past, but when the events occured doesn’t matter. If it were Donald Trump that had said and done the things I am going to tell you about, then the media would be covering them non-stop. But because Clinton has got the MSM in her back pocket, they don’t report it. So, let’s get things started off with one of the most deplorable comments from Secretary Clinton:

“Today our country lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.”

Now you may be reading this and wondering what the big deal is. So what, she commemorated her friend’s passing, don’t we all do that. Well yes, we do. Wouldn’t we all like to think that our friends have mentored us in some way? Yes, I think we would. But who is Robert Byrd? This is where the problem lies. During his time before mainstream politics, Mr Byrd was a Grand Wizard of the KKK. Yet, Hillary Clinton calls him a friend and a mentor? What? Can you imagine, just for one second, if Donald Trump called a former Klan’s man a mentor? The media would go crazy! But because it’s Secretary Clinton’s scandal, no one seems to care. Now, to be fair, Mr Byrd did apologise for his actions, but it doesn’t change the story. We all know the media would have bulldozed Mr Trump if he made the same remarks as Secretary Clinton.

That’s not all, though. Clinton has also a, let’s say, sketchy past with the African American community. She says other people are racist, yet she doesn’t realise that she has made racist comments herself. I will leave a video below that will delve further into these controversies, but let me tell you folks, they’re not good. She takes the moral high ground on the issues she says she fights for, but when you look at her record, it’s far from pretty.


She’s a Hypocrite

Hillary Clinton marches under a banner of LGBT rights and classes herself as a feminist. She consistently calls out Donald Trump on his treatment of women in the past when he has called them names and said not very nice things about people. A prominent example would, of course, be Rosie O’Donnell. However, and this is where Hillary’s true character shines, she both gives and receives money to and from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim majority country and is one of Britain’s and America’s closest allies in the Middle East. But why would this make Hillary Clinton a hypocrite? Why can’t she support the causes she claims to champion and receive money from the Saudis? Because Saudi Arabia is one of, if not the biggest, oppressor of women. Women are not allowed to leave the house without a male escort. They are given restrictive rights when it comes to driving, they are forced to wear the Burka, but most barbaric of all, women can be stoned for being raped in Saudi Arabia. How can any so-called ‘feminist’ support a nation that abuses women on such a huge scale?! But that’s not all, LGBT rights are non-existent in the Arabian Kingdom. LGBT citizens are killed for being who they are. They are killed for being gay. Yet she still supports the Saudis! Hillary Clinton is no friend of women. She is no friend to the LGBT community. She is in this for herself. She doesn’t want to improve America, she want’s to improve her bank balance! That is not all. Secretary Clinton has, for years, covered up and silenced accusers of rape and sexual assault. And who were the accusers accusing of sexual assault and rape? Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton has been accused by over 20 women over the years of sexual assault, and those are just the women the public know about!

Their stories are graphic and they are powerful. The accusers have for years been too scared to come out and tell their story out of fear. Fear about what Secretary Clinton would do. Newly released audio tapes of Hillary Clinton reveal that when she was defending a child rapist back in the 70’s, she laughed about him being found not guilty even though she knew he was. At least, that’s what the tapes suggest. And yet, after all, this, Hillary Clinton still thinks that she is a friend to women.

Hillary, you are no friend to women. Whether it be supporting foreign regimes that abuse women and treat them like second class citizens. Or whether it be supporting nations that kill members of the LGBT community simply for being themselves. Or whether it be silencing rape accusations made against your husband. You are no friend of women. You have never been a friend of women, and you never will be. Still, though, after the multiple accounts of Hillary silencing accusers, she still stands on a platform that says “Women have the right to be heard and believed”. She has no integrity. She has no moral compass. She is as every bit as crooked as her opponents claim.

She’s Reckless and She is a Liar

Clinton is one of the biggest liars in the history of Presidential candidates. Worse than Nixon. Not only does she keep on telling the American people that she did nothing wrong in relation to the email scandal, months after it has been proven that she had, her history doesn’t exactly show her being an honest and trustworthy person. Clinton is one of the most dangerous people to run for POTUS in American history. Not only did she endanger the lives of American servicemen when she was Secretary of State, but she has also proved herself not to be competent when it comes to Homeland Security either. Clinton was recently embroiled in a scandal so huge that she should have been sent to prison for it. To explain, she had been found to have had an illegal and unsecured email server which was used to send and store classified information. This was confirmed by the FBI director, but Clinton continues to deny it even to this day. It seems Clinton can get away with anything. She also deleted 30,000 emails from the server before handing it into the FBI. She later claimed the emails were personal and had no relevance to the case, the FBI director said this was false. Can you imagine if she took the Whitehouse in November with Bill Clinton as her First Gentleman? The same Bill Clinton that lost the nuclear codes and didn’t tell anyone for months? Clinton says that Trump is a threat to National Security because of what he says? Let’s be honest, though, Trump has never put service men and the Homeland Security at risk and then lie about it for months. Now yes, Trump did tell Russia to see if they could find the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted from her server before handing it into the FBI, but he didn’t do anything wrong and I’ll explain why. The server, now that the FBI is finished with it, will now be switched off in an evidence room. It is impossible to hack into something that is completely switched off. There is no way Russia could do it. If Russia wanted the emails, they’d have them by now. But also, Trump was clever by doing what he did. See, Clinton always claimed that the deleted emails were personal and of no threat to Homeland Security. However, moments after Trump made his comments, the Clinton camp soon took out an advert on social media saying Trump’s remarks had endangered National Security. So which is it? Were the emails personal or were they a threat to National Security? Seems odd now, after months of saying the emails were nothing to worry about, Clinton suddenly gets all defensive about them when confronted with the threat of them being leaked. But this isn’t all. Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State has made, not only America less safe, but the whole world less safe. Her support for the invasion of Libya, killing Colonel Gaddafi, resulted in the creation of the group we know today. ISIS. Hillary Clinton’s State Department also armed the rebels in Syrian attempt to overthrow Assad. Rebels which later turned out to be ISIS. Is this really the woman we want to be the leader of the free world? She has put everyone’s life at risk, not just Americans. You can thank her for the horrific state of the Middle East as she supported the Iraq War, took out Gaddafi and armed ISIS. She also put Homeland Security at risk by putting confidential information on the line. She is the weakest candidate to ever stand for office, and the most dangerous. No question. All this and we haven’t even mentioned Benghazi. Shocking.

She is the Problem

Clinton is the problem. She represents everything wrong with the political system in America, and the wider world. She’ll say anything to get elected, and she’ll change absolutely nothing. American’s see an ever growing elite that doesn’t represent them, they see a crippling foreign policy which has left the world in limbo. They see corruption in the highest offices and no one being held accountable. Hillary Clinton embodies all of this. She embodies the elite that doesn’t listen to or represent America. She represents the big multinational banks and big corporate. She is the reason for the utter mess in the Middle East. She is the reason many Americans see all politicians in America as corrupt. She is a liar, a fraud and she is not on your side. She is on the side of the person with the biggest donation.

William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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