The Future of UKIP

I thought there would be no better way to introduce myself as one of your new writers at Kipper Central than to talk about the future of our party, I became a member of UKIP just after the EU Referendum, after 2 1/2 years of loyal support as well as canvassing for Vote Leave. I was there supporting our party when we WON the European Elections in 2014, and it just makes me sad to see the party’s future in jeopardy but still when many people ask me if UKIP still have a future I reply with passion and shout “Yes” but the way UKIP will continue will have to change.

No longer are UKIP the party “just there to get us out of the EU” we are now the party who can become the main opposition to the Labour in the north and the Conservatives in the South, while also holding Theresa May to account on Brexit to make sure she does deliver what she promises and with strong leadership I feel we can do that, as we saw in a Hartlepool Council by-election on October 6th, UKIP can still challenge Labour, we won the seat which was a Labour seat without A leader, which leaves me excited for what could happen if we did have strong leadership, Philip Broughton achieved a strong result in Hartlepool in May 2015, and with strong leaderships we can win seats like Hartlepool. We also had strong results in the likes of Heywood and Middleton, Boston and Skegness and Thurrock, and who could forget Clacton-on-Sea which Douglas Carswell won for UKIP!

UKIP finished second place in 120 consistencies and earned 3.8 million votes in the 2015 General Election, it doesn’t have to stop there, we have come so far in the past few years, people may argue UKIP has reached its’ peak; I argue that it is just the starting point and with strong leadership we will be winning seats like Thurrock and Hartlepool, and not just settling for second place!

British politics is in disarray, Jeremy Corbyn’s ineffective leadership is leading to Britain becoming a one-party state with no proper opposition holding Theresa May to account on Brexit, grammar schools and social housing and I know that UKIP can be that party with a strong leader. I’m not going to endorse any candidates in this article, but I’m going to say that there are some fantastic people in our party who would make fantastic leaders.

We need someone with strength, who can unite the party. As a UKIP supporter for 2 ½ years and a paid member since around the time of the EU Referendum, it makes me sad to see in-fighting in our party and simply developing a negative image in the press following recent incidents but one things for sure, under strong leadership we can win those marginal seats, we came from almost nowhere in 2010 to achieving 120 second places in 2015, come 2020, we won’t be the party with 120 second places, but the party with 120 first places.

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