The People’s Revolt

The days of conventional politics are well and truly over. We have seen Trump. We have seen Sanders. We have seen Farage. We have seen Corbyn. We have seen Brexit. We have seen a Europe where nationalism is on the rise. What were once fringes, on both the left and the right, are enjoying popularity they could only have dreamed of 5-10 years ago. So what it is garnering this sudden rise in populism? Why are the more unconventional parties and politicians getting more of the spotlight than ever before? Let’s talk about it.

The Establishment and The Unheard People

The establishment has spent too long ignoring the will of the people and their wishes for their life and the country they live in. Some feel unheard on issues such as immigration and culture. Whereas others may feel unheard on issues of the economy and social justice. These issues are big in the hearts and minds of many voters, and they establishment has ignored them for too long. Now, now they are feeling the kickback for it. We can use both the US and the UK to explain this. In America, people feel the two party system has let them down. Dragging them into illegal and unpopular wars, piling on trillions onto the national debt and not tackling issues such as illegal immigration or corruption within the system. What happens when this happens? Bernie Sanders happens and Donald Trump happens. Now yes, I realise these people are polar opposites when it comes to many issues. Trump wants to see illegal immigration stopped where as Sanders wants to see pardons for many illegal immigrants. Sanders wants to tax the rich more and Trump wants to cut taxes for everyone. So what is it that binds these two together? The people. Sanders and Trump both play to their audience. They both fight against the establishment line in their own way. A new way. A new populist way. A way which won’t be reversed easy. What we are witnessing is a new left and a new right, emerging in America. A left and a right what cast very clear contrasts to one another. A left and right which want to fight for change in very different ways. But, it is a left and right which is propped up by the people that want to see the major change in their country. They want to see massive social change. They want to see huge economic reform. They want to see their country become a greater nation. A better nation. A nation that is not beholden to huge banks, big multinational corporations or big corporate globalists. They want to see more sovereignty and they want to see that their voices are being heard once again.  These people are not racists, xenophobes or any other derogatory label. They are hard working Americans that are sick of the way the establishment treats them. They are sick of the way the establishment squanders their tax dollars on wasteful projects they don’t want or need. They sick of seeing the country they love so much being taken in the wrong direction. Trump and Sanders are not the end all and be all of this movement, far from. They are merely the people to wake up people from both the left and the right to the reality of the establishment. They will go and move on, but their revolution will continue. Their message will continue to be heard. If nothing changes soon, this message and the anti-establishment movement will find new figureheads, and they will continue to do so until they get the change they want. Gone are the days when both Democrats and Republicans can go on not listening. Gone are the days of not being able to tell who represents which party. The people want to see they are voting for people of strong conviction that will fight for them and their wishes. They want to see that their vote counts. They want to see the country move on. They want to see a new politics. A politics that matters and a politics that actually changes things for the better. A politics that is about change rather than popularity. A politics that is about real clear policy rather than phoney policy that will never get enacted. They want to see the type of politics that Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil fought for. Sure, Reagan and O’Neil didn’t agree on everything. They were from different parties after all. But they worked together. They worked together and reached a consensus that people would be happy with. They didn’t let dogma blind them. They worked together for what the people wanted. That is what the people of America want to see more than anything. A politics where people, who have distinct and contrasting policies can work together for the betterment of the country and the people. They want to see politics work again. The same thing can be said for Britain. Farage and Corbyn have radically different ideas when it comes to issues such as immigration, defence or welfare. But they go against the establishment line, and that is what the people like about them. The British people, much like Americans, are sick of the direction their country is going and the way the establishment treats them like dirt. We had our revolution here in the form of Brexit. We forced the establishment to listen to the people. We forced the change in this country the people have been waiting to see for years! I am in no doubt America can have its own revolution by voting for Donald Trump. They can send a clear message to the establishment that they are sick of what the establishment it doing to their nation and they had better start listening to them again.

This isn’t just seen in America with Trump and Sanders. It is seen all over the world. We have Farage and Corbyn in Britain. Marie La Penn and the National Front are becoming more popular in France. The Five Star Movement in Italy is making people think again about their political establishment. The AfD in Germany giving Angela Merkel a lot of hassle.

There is a new left and a new right being born in Europe and the rest of the world. A left and a right which actually represents change. A left and a right which actually represents the silent majority. A left and a right that wants to take their country back from the establishment and the elites.

The establishment only has themselves to blame for the worldwide revolution coming their way soon. Democracy is the tool that will be used, and it will be used against them.

“Do you hear the people sing?”


William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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