Paul Nuttall Puts his Name Forward in the UKIP Leadership Race

Paul Nuttall has announced that he will be standing to become the new UKIP leader following Diane James’ resignation after only 18 days. He announced his intentions when speaking to Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics.

Nuttall is one of the better-known politicians in UKIP, which is probably due to the fact that he has held nearly every position in the party. He was born in Bootle, Merseyside and he went on to study at a local college and University, where he specialised in British Edwardian Politics. He moved to Barcelona to work before returning to Liverpool to teach history. He recently revealed that he was a survivor of the Hillsborough disaster on Question Time.

He joined UKIP in 2004, before founding the South Sefton branch in 2005 to help the party breakthrough in Merseyside elections. Partly due to Nuttall’s work, the branch is one of the best performing MEPs in the country, where he still helps out today. In 2008, he became the founding secretary of Young Independence, UKIP’s youth wing – a position he held for a year until the first internal elections. In September 2008, he was appointed Chairman of UKIP, which he remained as until November 2010 when he became deputy leader. He remains as deputy leader now. In the 2009 European elections, he became an MEP for UKIP, a position which he held in the 2014 European elections. He is now the leader of UKIP’s delegation in the European parliament, so he really likes titles with the word ‘leader’ in them! Remarkably, he is the party’s youngest ever MEP, Chairman, Deputy Leader, Leader of MEPs and shows how UKIP allows young people to thrive within the party.

While he has not announced many policies today, he has never dodged a question. That has resulted in us learning a lot about what he stands for. Clearly, he believes in abandoning political correctness – something most would argue is a necessity for the new leader. As a staunch Christian, he opposes Abortion and regularly speaks about this issue. He also supports tougher prison sentences for persistent re-offenders, drug dealers and violent criminals and a higher prison capacity in the UK. Keeping in line with his tough stance on crime and punishment, he supports the death penalty for the most serious crimes such as child murder and police murder. He also calls for an English parliament and is a patriotic English and British man. As a climate change denier, he is against wind farms and emissions tax and thinks nuclear power is the best way forward. Similarly to Bill Etheridge MEP, he supports banning the Burqa in public places for security reasons and opposes Sharia courts in Britain. While we don’t know which of this will be involved in his leadership pitch and which of it will become party policy, we do know that these things are what he stands for and he is certainly the most well-known candidate.

Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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