Why I am Standing for the UKIP NEC Election

Kalvin Chapman

I am the secretary of UKIP Manchester and the secretary fo UKIP Greater Manchester. I stood as the parliamentary candidate for Stretford & Urmston in May 2015. I have never been a member of any other party, only UKIP. I live in Manchester and love politics.

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5 Responses

  1. stephen thomas says:

    Somebody with lots of common sense. Who is looking in the right direction & way ahead for UKIP. This is what the grassroots members need now….Direction, togetherness, feel apart of something bigger, a purpose, and end results. Thank you for reading

    • I am glad you think Kalvin is a good candidate! I hope you will vote for him when the vote comes. He is a great guy and will bring great things to the party.

      William Jones
      Manager at Kipper Central

    • Reece C. says:

      I have to agree with what William said! I think Kalvin is brilliant and he will help bring the changes UKIP needs to carry on being the great force it has been over the past few years!

  2. Steve Davey says:

    this is whats needed definately, I have recently joined as a member having never been a part of any political party before, and I am glad I have , UKIP has a great opportunity now and I am urging others on social media to do the same!!!

  3. Allan jones says:

    Unless they stop this in fighting there will not be a UKIP and the leader of the party should be the one who have the say not every tom dick and harry.Then they will look professional .I my self never vote before until I was 65 I voted for UKIP because I liked what I had seem and was going to join the party until what happened so now I’m on the fence again waiting to see who will be the next leader and see what What his views are on the what he wants for this party .I believe this country wants a change it showed that after the vote out. But now think it’s losing it way after what has happened but now I think there could be the last chance so I’m waiting to see and if I like What I see I will be joining and will there to help any one Who need help

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