Trump Wins The USA Presidential Election

After the victory of Brexit, our last job was to ensure that America was left in the stable hands of a president who knew how to handle the public well. After the utter failure of Obama’s presidency, the USA was in dire need of a new leader.

Sanders, Clinton, and Trump were the most popular options for presidential candidate run. After Sanders lost the democratic nomination, the main race was against trump and Hillary. The tough battle went on for months on end, the media fighting for one side or the other- fuelling hate and bigotry.

Of course, the media did all of this for views, and maybe a cash incentive (as rumoured) from Clinton. It was later released how Clinton herself had hijacked the democratic nominations, in an attempt of ‘securing’ herself a place in The White House. Unknown to Clinton, running against Trump or Sanders guaranteed her a foul failure in the end.

So here it is. I was awake at 6am (5am UK time) following the election results. I panicked, seeing the republican results shifting so hectically. Naturally, the pessimist I am, I was set that Hillary would rig the votes. I had a strong feeling that she would win, seeing the way the media enjoys siding with her and her oh so “tolerant” and “liberal” views. I was, however, wrong. It seemed as if America had finally woken up and had opened their eyes to the lies chasing them.

After following state after state and vote after vote, I found that the US map had soon turned a beautiful red colour, with tiny blotches of blue. It was clear to us that victory was ours, and we would have hope in the new world once again. As his conquest was announced this morning, my mother and I watched the live broadcast streamed from the USA. Shortly after the victory was announced, one could see a male homosexual couple kissing in front of the camera- both Trump supporters.

Despite the fact that leading economists predicted a recession, through Trump’s triumph, voters still stuck to him. It was a beautiful sight to see. The overwhelming support from large states showed that the assumptions made by the media were in fact vastly false.

Reading a newspaper yesterday, I noticed that it said Trump’s chances in Florida would have been very low. But isn’t that odd? Trump seemed to have in fact gotten most of Florida’s votes.  Were we lied to all along?

Of course, we were. It’s plain to see. The government were set on Hillary because she was a puppet, as was her husband.  They could pull her strings in any direction to suit what was wanted- Trump, on the other hand doesn’t operate through child’s play. Trump operated through the love of the folk and the needs of the folk.

Of course, America has a long way to go, and many still have doubts. But to regain our stance we need to have trust and faith in the nation. We need to see a brighter future, not just for America but for the population of Europe too.

Isn’t it amusing, however, knowing that despite the media and Clinton’s followers had tried so hard to drown Trump in bad press, he still won? The man stood above all of the hate, the lies and controversy because he knew that he wanted to do everything to make America great again.


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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