Mr President, What Will You Do To Help Make Britain Great Again?

It is obvious to all of us Ukippers, that Trump and Farage have a healthy and friendly relationship between the both of them. The kind words spoken about one another (even before Trump was voted president), is a distinct sign that the similar views allow a path for a wonderful friendship.

After Farage paid Trump a visit at Trump Towers on 12th November, he was certain that Trump would make a good president for the USA. Farage had become the first British politician to meet Donald Trump following his election victory in the latest snub to the Prime Minister, amid continuing demonstrations against the “shock result”.

Kellyanne Conway, the manager of Mr Trump’s election campaign, confirmed the visit made by Farage, where he was spending time with Trump’s family, receiving phone calls and visitors.

Conway mentioned: “I think they enjoy each other’s company, and they actually had a chance to talk about freedom and winning and what this all means for the world.”.

However, bromance aside, what can Trump do for the UK? Should we have cold feet after the certain allegations made against Trump in the past?

Most famously, Parliament hosted a heated debate over a petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from visiting the UK. MPs opposed the ban but roundly criticised the presidential candidate and slammed his own call to ban Muslims from America. However, it seemed as if Trump made the grown up decision to turn a blind eye to the blind MPs.

Not to mention, after Trump’s win, the Pound has had the best fortnight in eight years. Before the victory, it remained well below pre-referendum levels. However, on Friday 11th, it managed to push above $1.26 for the first time since early October. This indeed mellowed concerns over a weak currency, pushing up import costs and stoking inflation.

But it’s not just economists that celebrate the victory, it is also the battling Brexiters, arguing that his trade policy will benefit Britain outside the European Union.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told the MailOnline: “Donald Trump has spoken positively about the UK especially regarding a trade deal saying we would be at the front of the line.”.

Trump described himself as “Mister Brexit”, so there’s every chance that Trump will be a good friend to the UK. Unlike Barack Obama’s dismissive comments about the UK being at the “back of the queue” after Brexit. Donald Trump has actually spoken warmly about the UK’s decision.

So the bad news of the violent protests and riots against Trump’s victory aside (these riots made by the “everybody gets a trophy” generation), the UK now has smoother seas to sail. Who is not to say that there is not a large Kraken that will swallow our ship whole? But for now, the battle will be easier.

Brexit is sharpening their swords and reinforcing their armour, and have the help of the USA. We WILL make Britain great again.


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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