Why I Support President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Well, here we are. Donald J. Trump has been elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America. The land of freedom, hope and opportunity has been given a second lease of life, and it is about time. For the last 20 years, or so, America has been governed by leaders who, have quite frankly, been weak. The last great President, in my humble opinion, was the late and great Ronald Reagan. He tackled the Soviet Empire and was one of the main forces behind its eventual fall. He got the US economy booming with tax cuts which allowed people to spend more and business to expand. He made America safer, stronger and a more open global player to what it had been under President Jimmy Carter. When Reagan came into office, America was bleak. Crippled by debt and in a real mess. Reagan campaigned to “Make America Great Again”, and I believe he did. You see, a President can’t just be judged on numbers. He can’t just be judged on what the economic projections were. A President must also be judged by the passion of their people, and Ronald Reagan made Americans feel proud again. He made them feel safe again. He made them feel whole again. He made them feel American again. The pre-Reagan years saw Americans feel unhappy. They saw their country becoming weaker overseas and not tackling the big issues. They had seen a President retire due to a huge corruption scandal. They had seen hostages taken by Iran. They had seen their country ripped off and disrespected. Reagan changed that mood. Not everything he did as President was perfect, no President is perfect, and no President will ever be perfect, not even the President-Elect. But what Reagan did was to make the nation feel at ease with themselves again. He made them feel the pride they were craving. He brought the American brand back and he made the American people fall back into loving their nation, and that is something that can’t be measured in GDP figures. Reagan has forever been one of my inspirations, and he always will be. However, you can also judge Reagan on the numbers, and he brilliantly in that regard as well.

Now you’re probably wondering, why have I brought up President Reagan when we are meant to be speaking about President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Well, it’s quite simple. Read the story about the pre-Reagan years again and tell me you can’t see the contrasts. An America that is disrespected? An America that has seen massive political corruption and impeachment? An America where the people were craving change? An America with hostages in Iran? All these things, just as they were in the 80s, are here today. That is why Donald J. Trump won the election. America no longer feels like it once did. It is run by corrupt people, who don’t care about the American worker. It is run by the big multinationals who buy politicians and make them dance to their tune. It is run by SuperPACS, greed and hypocrisy. It is run by the selfish few to benefit the selfish few, and it has been like that for a long time. Donald J. Trump won because of all these things and more! He was elected to drain the swamp in DC of these corrupt politicians. He was elected to make the American brand respected again. He was elected to make Americans feel pride in America again. He was elected to “Make America Great Again”, just like the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. This was a change election, and the American people were starving for it. They are sick of not being listened to by Washington. They are sick of the trade deals that are putting them out of work. They are sick of the political ruling class making their lives hell. They are sick of seeing their country disrespected, and they decided to do something about it. I truly believe Donald J. Trump can make America great again, and that is why I support him. I support his policies of change and what his election signifies. But what do I like about Trump? What is it that makes me excited about his administration and his Presidency? Well, let’s talk about that.


There is no doubt about it, Donald Trump represents change, as do his policies. Back in 2008, American voters were promised change by the then-Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and he delivered. He changed the national debt to become almost double of what is was before he entered the office of President. He changed the healthcare policy, so radically that premiums have since skyrocketed to an increase of almost 60% in some states. He has changed the landscape of the Middle East by giving weapons to rebels that later turned out to be ISIS. He changed America’s special relationship with Britain by saying we’d “be put to the back of the queue” if we voted to leave the EU. Obama also changed Iran’s nuclear ambitions by giving them tens of millions of dollars back in frozen assets and almost ensuring Iran will get a nuclear weapon at some point in the future. Obama’s America has been one of change, both domestically and globally. Good change? Well, you can look at the facts and make up your own mind, but credit to Obama, he did well with his radical policies of change. The world is a vastly different place because of him and his administration. Now, the change Trump is promising may go the same way as Obama’s, and if it does, I will look extremely dumb. But, if it doesn’t, it will not only make America great again, it will also make the world great again. Let’s look at just one of the changes President Trump hopes to bring, that is normalised relations with Russia. US-Russian relations have hit an all-time low in recent years, no thanks to the Obama administration. Reagan and successive US Presidents have always worked at normalising relations with the nation, but under Obama, much of the great work Reagan did has been retracted, and tensions between the two nations are at cold war level. Now, it’s not all Obama’s fault. Putin is not the perfect leader and could have done more to normalise the relations between the nations. He has acted erratic and has been a mess when it comes to foreign policy, often going against US policy, which hasn’t helped. However, after the election, Putin said that he would work with President Trump to make the relations between the nations stable and closer, something we should all cheer and hope for. Putin is by no means a great leader, and his domestic policy in Russia shares hardly, if any, similarities with American values, but even so the two nations should be working together and putting aside differences to fight the real enemies of the world. It won’t be easy, but America and Russia working together at long last would not only make the world a safer place, but it will ensure that the policies and legacy of Reagan live on. Normalised relations and teamwork. That is what the new US-Russian pact will look like and that is something we should all look forward to. Another change I am hopeful President Trump will bring is a reinvigorated special relationship with Britain, again, much like we saw with President Reagan. The 1980s saw the special relationship hit heights that were only ever dreamed of and our two nations prospered as never before as a result of it. If Trump can do this, which I am sure he can, he will send a signal to the rest of the world that America is back open for business. A cohesive and positive relationship with the US benefits both the UK and the US immensely. We have many shared values, historical roots and deep love for each other’s nations. I am sure President Trump will make the special relationship great again, and it will be a great thing for everyone when he does. My co-writer wrote about this in her latest piece which you can check out here. There are quite a few domestic changes I hope President Trump will bring the US as well. One of them being the wall. I sincerely hope the wall does get built and illegal immigration does end. It is a crime. It is not something we should allow at all. It was, in my opinion, wrong for President Reagan to give amnesty to millions of illegals back in the 80s. I used to agree with the policy, but as time went on and my opinions matured, I realised how much of a mistake it was. Illegal immigration is a crime, and it should be treated as such. Penalties should include deportation (with the right to apply for legal entry into the country if their only crime was the illegal entry into the nation) and imprisonment/extradition/deportation with no right to apply for legal entry for those who commit crimes while they were in the nation illegally. It may seem harsh, but we need to realise illegals committed a crime, and that crime should carry penalties. Even Reagan himself said, “a nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” The laws of the land should be used to deal with illegal entry into a nation, and they should be used without question. A border needs to be controlled and the nation’s immigration laws enforced. This is matter of principle! I also hope Trump repeals and replaces Obama care. It has been a disaster and has cost more and more as each year goes by. I hope he improves the system by bringing back free market competition between the insurance companies so the consumers get the very best deal possible. I also hope he does follow through on his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to look at Hillary Clinton’s situation. That woman is corrupt as hell, and it is about time she was brought to justice. I also hope he does follow through on his plans to block foreign lobbyists, implement term limits for elected officials, tackle the cancerous ideology that is radical Islam and, once and for all, renegotiate trade deals so the American worker is put first. I am also hugely in favour of his Reagan-like tax cuts! I could talk forever about the changes I hope Trump will make both domestically and globally, but I will finish here. I do hope, however, that Trump does follow through on his pledge to drain the swamp in DC. This is a huge part in making America great again. I also hope he stays on course and ensures stable and improved relations all round the world!

Americanism not Globalism

Donald Trump believes in the concept of the nation-state and putting it and its people before anything else. He is a nationalist that believes in putting America First and not putting the interests of the big corporates or the big multinationals before the interests of the American people. He believes in fair trade the will put the American workers first. He believes in ensuring the nation-state remains the centre of American life and American culture. He wants to put his nation and his people first. Nothing says that more, or explains his policy to this better than this:

Every politician should believe in putting their own nation first, and Donald Trump is the first President that has actually promised to embrace nationalism and not sell out the nation-state to the phony global interests that want to suck out the happiness and harmony that is found within a country that is happy and at ease.

Reinvigorated Electorate

For many years now there has been a section of America that has been completely disillusioned with the political system. They don’t vote because they don’t see the point. They work hard, only for their money to go to the federal government in what they see to be wasted taxes. They see their children’s future’s being sold by politicians. They see their country being plunged into further debt and fiscal mismanagement. Time and again they see the same voices with different faces sounding the same, promising everything and doing nothing. They feel helpless. Cue Donald. He has made people believe in the political system like never before. He received more votes than any other Republican presidential candidate in history during the primaries last year and managed to earn the votes of more minorities in the general election. He even managed to earn the votes of 20% of traditional democratic voters during the primaries last year! He has managed to engage many people in voting and taking part in the democratic process. He isn’t a normal candidate. He speaks to them. He is their voice. In a world where they are seemingly ignored by their elected officials, Donald gives them hope that perhaps they will be listened to again. He has made the typical non-voter vote! That is good for democracy and the country as a whole. Let us hope he doesn’t let them down.

Trump is not a perfect man. No one is. But, what he represents is something that we should all pay attention to. If the liberals around the world continue to call populist/nationalist candidates like Mr Trump and his supporters racists, deplorable etc, they can expect more elections like this to continue. France is the next country that will revolt against the political class, and it will be glorious.


Good luck Mr President.

William Jones

I like writing about the current goings on in both the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a true believer in Americanism, freedom, classical liberalism and conservativism.

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