UKIP Elects Paul Nuttall as Leader

I’m sure like me, you were delighted to hear that Paul Nuttall was appointed earlier today to the post of UKIP Leader with an overwhelming mandate of 62.5%. I backed Paul throughout the campaign, having been a fan of him for multiple years under his tenure as Deputy Leader between 2010 and 2016. Many people might not know this, but he has been an excellent MEP for the North West and has maintained a 100% reply rate to my letters. Meanwhile, I haven’t received a single reply from most of the Conservatives here which certainly shows Paul Nuttall is a man of the people who can continue Nigel Farage’s “People’s Revolution”

I know some people didn’t back Paul for the Leadership, but I hope we can unite and come together to support him regardless on whether you backed him, Suzanne Evans or John Rees-Evans. Personally, but it hasn’t been a decision which I have taken lightly, I feel all three candidates are strong but I backed Paul because I thought he more than anyone else could unite the party and win seats in the Labour Heartlands – he is a northerner from Liverpool.

People may argue that he polled the worst under the three candidates in the general election but he stood in Bootle, one of the safest seats for Labour in the country and he still gained around 10% of the poll, I think that was a decision that should be commended, Paul could have stood in a target seat which he has a greater shot at winning, but he didn’t, he wanted to represent the people in his home town, the consistency he knows and that shows he isn’t one of those politicians who would do anything to get elected, but he genuinely wants to continue his passion of the common good and not just saying anything to get elected.

We all need to unite behind a new leader if UKIP are going to grow strong and continue to stand up to the establishment, and spending months continuing in-fighting and leadership elections would be the end of this party as we need to be spending this time, not arguing about our future but getting our message out there to the voters, ahead of local elections in 2017, a possible snap GE and beyond. Just look at how Paul Nuttall has united the party already, even before he was democratically appointed leader, Leadership candidates such as David Kurten, Bill Etheridge and I’m pleased to say New Deputy Leader Peter Whittle, dropped out to support him.

I love UKIP, I have been a member of the party since July 2016, having supported the party since before the European Elections, we need to get behind our new leader and our party can grow again, we can win in the Labour Heartlands and in those marginal seats such as my consistency of Heywood and Middleton, UKIP came 617 votes behind Labour here in a By-election in 2014, on the same day of which UKIP gained its’ first MP in Douglas Carswell. If it wouldn’t have been for dirty tactics from Labour, we would have won that by-election and now with Paul Nuttall at the helm, we will win seats like Heywood and Middleton, so I’m sure you are with me, join the People’s Army. The impossible is happening in politics, Donald Trump elected President and Brexit all in 2016, just imagine what 2020 holds.

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