Germany Bans Free Speech

Living 15 minutes away from the border of Germany, I have noticed that many talk about the issue of free speech in the country. This includes the fatal error of arresting their own citizens, due to speaking out about the government.

There have been many citizens who have been arrested. In fact, the German Police raided the homes of 60 people suspected of writing ‘hate’ speech on social media in Germany.

But what classifies as hate speech? According to Bild, the people arrested were part of a secret Facebook group based in Bavaria. Bild reported that xenophobic and Nazi material was distributed on the group’s Facebook page between July and November last year.

Do we get to know about this material, however? What material was exactly involved, and is it really that Nazi and Xenophobic as the government and media like to describe?

Obviously, the chance may have been that the content really was outrageous. However, where does the ‘hate speech’ line start and end, exactly?

Likewise, when extreme right wing content gets taken down from the internet and the uploaders of this content are arrested, are those who upload extreme left wing content also arrested?

Media Censoring

Shockingly, former Facebook workers revealed that they were to routinely suppress conservative views.

One individual mentions that workers prevented stories about the right-wing CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly-influential section, even though they were organically trending among the site’s users.

Breitbart News editor in chief Alex Marlow said the report confirmed “what conservatives have long suspected: Facebook’s trending news artificially mutes conservatives and amplifies progressives.”

Facebook “trending” feed, showing absence of conservative news

Germans No Longer Have A Voice

A 66-year-old was also sentenced for distributing Anti-migrant leaflets.  The German man has been given a suspended three-month prison sentence for hate speech after he distributed the leaflets in his town, calling migrants “parasites”.

But it’s completely okay for the migrants to rape and attack the German citizens. That’s definitely not worth a prison sentence at all is it?

The pensioner had put up leaflets as a retaliation strategy, after the way the new asylum seekers behaved in the small town that he lived in. He mentioned that the migrants were “disrespectful, demanding, and ungrateful”.

Flag of anti-refugee protest

As we all know, Germany has become a predominantly left wing society (Despite its chancellor, Angela Merkel, belonging to a right wing party). It seems as if the whole political system of the country has drastically changed within the last 3 years, but why?

Many ask whether Merkel is receiving funding or threats from other countries. But why would any sort of threat or money cause her to purposely destroy her society?

Around 80 years ago, the same began to happen too. The houses of many in Nazi Germany were raided and people were arrested for simply harbouring a different point of view- a point of view against the regime.

Is Germany repeating its history?


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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