Stoke On-Trent Central Campaign Update

As you probably are aware, their is an upcoming by-election in Stoke on Trent Central following Tristham Hunt’s resignation as MP, UKIP are in with a good chance of winning it especially with our fantastic candidate and leader, Paul Nuttall.

I’ve known Paul for many years, with him currently serving as one of my MEP’s, he is one of the most hard-working MEP’s we have had, being one of the few people to actually respond to my correspondence, and of course I got nothing back from multiple attempts with the tories in the area, this shows that he’ll be a fantastic MP who puts the local people first, and I have no doubt he’ll do that in Stoke.

I called up today and the campaign had a buzz, a really good atmosphere and this was really exciting, after meeting and chatting with Paul, he seemed to genuinely care about UKIP and the people on Stoke on-Trent, he respects the wishes of the people of the area who want Brexit, after all this consistency voted 65% leave, this is interesting considering that every other candidate is a remainer.


Labour – Gareth Snell (Needs no introduction just take a look at his past tweets)

Conservative – Jack Brereton (Another Remainer, the Conservatives however are throwing more at the Copeland seat)

Liberal Democrat – Zulifqar Ali (The term “Liberal Democrat” says it all…)


This is why there is a real buzz that UKIP can win this seat, look at how we performed in 2015, the branch basically did it all by themselves to finish second with 22.7% of the vote, in a seat which wasn’t a huge “priority” for UKIP, now just imagine what we can accomplish with a fantastic ground campaign with fantastic people going up: NEC Members, Councillors, MEP’s and Party Members alike, not forgetting the fantastic Nigel Farage and UKIP’s MP Douglas Carswell.


But it’s not over yet, if we want to win this By-election we need to keep on fighting, fighting as if this seat isn’t won yet, as it isn’t, but if we can win this it would hurt Labour massively and be a huge victory for UKIP. If we can continue this momentum and excitement, I don’t see any reason why we can’t win this by-election so I want to encourage as many members to come down as they can, Stoke is in the Midlands so really central to everybody, pick up a railcard and get the train or speak to your local members and arrange a car, if we keep getting more of our great members up that will work in our favour!

Special mention must also go out to Copeland, we also have a fantastic candidate there in Fiona Mills, who I’m sure will do UKIP proud, and she’d also made an excellent MP for Copleland, she’s a local NHS worker and is another loyal Ukipper and local, who deserves your support, so please do also get down to help here in Copeland if you can!


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