Amy Schumer and the Leftist Scapegoat Situation

Controversial comedienne, Amy Schumer, has blamed the Alt Right for the ratings on her new Netflix comedy special tanking spectacularly. Schumer claims that her one out of five star rating is as a result of a right wing internet backlash. The 35 year old stated on her Instagram that: “The Alt Right trolls attack everything I do. They organize to get my ratings down.”

This is highly ironic as even those who don’t belong to the far right group have also criticized Schumer for the lackluster special. The Netflix released special contains it’s fair share of raunchy, tasteless and trite humor, which is guaranteed to make anyone feel somewhat uncomfortable. Verne Gay of Newsday writes: “Too much of the carnal Amy, not enough of the smart, cultural critic Amy.” Los Angeles Times’ Lorraine All also writes scathingly of the special, saying: “Ironically, the dirtier it gets, the less daring it feels. Part of the problem is that she doesn’t drop in enough context from her life of late, and the material feels like it could have come from a set three years ago.”

Perhaps Schumer’s problem does not lie with the Alt Right, but with her repetitive sets. One can only stomach so many jokes about sex and intoxication before feeling fatigued. It is an apparent sense to seem “edge” which drives Amy down. Richard Spencer was not the scribe for Schumer’s jokes, so she can firmly place the blame on her own shoulders.

It seems now that the Alt Right has become the prime example of a scapegoat that Leftists like to abuse. While many of us do understand that the Alt Right can be considered fringe, we must hold people and their actions accountable to themselves. The actions that Richard Spencer and his followers commit are linked to them and them only, and we must set the same expectations for those on the opposite side of the political spectrum. We live in an age where it seems to be easier to blame your own wrongdoings and mistakes on others and their political views rather than accepting a clear responsibility.

A major example of this is last years controversy surrounding the Ghostbusters reboot and it’s all female cast. There was backlash against the trailers for the film, and the people behind the film took no time before immediately lashing back. Those who criticized the new directions the franchise was going i were labelled as misogynists and “women haters”. The main criticism was about the lack of humor, even though the film was obviously intended to be a comedy. It seems now that other people’s political views taints the quality of one’s art.

It has become easier for a leftist leaned Hollywood and entertainment industry to blame poor art on controversial or opposing political ideology. I come back to this point: Those who disagree with you don’t make your art. You have yourself to blame.

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