Peaceful Spanish City Seville Left Traumatised By “Allah is Great” Protestors On Good Friday Parade

The thugs began shouting “Allah is great” during a horrific stampede in Seville that left 17 people in hospital.

Participants in the parade looked distressed following this morning’s incident in Seville


According to local police, an investigation has been launched following the incident. Eight arrests have been made as well as local police releasing images begging for help.

How desperate must a peaceful city be, to seek help for the savage crime?

Local authorities said at least two of the people arrested shouted out ‘Ala es grande’  (‘Allah is Great’). Other slogans were also shouted in support of Basque terrorist organisation ETA.

Among the victims was a 60-year-old man, who suffered dreadful head injuries- his condition in hospital is described as severe.

However, the cultural and ethnic origins of the suspects are yet again defended. Emergency services are adamant that the eight-people arrested are not of Arabic origin, as well as police ruling out any link between the suspects and terrorist groups.

This woman was forced to vault a small fence to avoid the rampaging crowds

Police mention the perpetrators tried to cause problems in acts of ‘pure vandalism’.

What the emergency services do however fail to mention, is that Islamic extremists do not have to be Arabic. Likewise, Islamic extremists can also be locals to the city of Seville.


Spain defends the crime

Ricardo Gil-Toresano, a central government spokesman for Spain’s Andalucia region, said:
“They’re not going to do away with Easter however much they insist on games like these.”

Already, it is seen that a member of the government has ruled this treacherous event out as a “game”. Is this what terror attacks caused by the hostility of Islam to Christianity have become- games?

A video on Twitter showed the disturbing scenes as people ran for safety.  A link to a video on YouTube can be found here:

Yesterday morning, the Seville emergency services issued a statement which said:

“From the outset, the police and health care system focused on trying to spread calm and control the situation while trying to identify the causes of what happened,”

“The investigations are still open and during the morning four police raids have been carried out with a total of eight people arrested who will be brought to justice for public disorder. These are isolated facts and without apparent connection and correspond with cases of vandalism and hooliganism.”

But will these thugs be brought to justice, or given a free pass like the rest of many extreme Islamic preachers?







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