The Donald’s First 100 days: The Saviour of America I Cannot Endorse

Those of you who know me or who have been following my work here at Kipper Central will know that back in the days of the election, and even for most of the time after, I was an avid supporter of Trump and I backed him up against the harsh opposition, often to my own detriment.  But for the last few months, I have felt a growing sense of unease with his presidency and the events of last month just confirmed this. It’s not often I will admit I was wrong but I will say now that I was wrong to think Trump would be a good President. I still passionately believe he was the best candidate and I would still campaign for him over Hillary every day of the week. But I would not do so with conviction, nor with confidence.

It doesn’t feel like just a hundred days, does it? It feels like Obama being president was a lifetime ago. And I have got used to the joys of watching BBC News presenters being forced to say “President Trump” on a daily basis; it is a rather wonderful phenomenon. But has he followed through with what he said he would achieve in his first 100 days?

The Promises

You can view all of his 100-day promises here. I will look at the key legislative pledges on page 2 and his progress on them.

“Middle-Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act”

The promise was to reduce the 7 tax brackets to 3, meaning every single American gets a tax cut; reducing business rates from 35% to 15%; increasing enterprise incentive; employment and productivity; and to introduce a new 10% corporate rate for American corporate money overseas to be reinvested in America.

From an economically liberal point of view, I think these ideas are excellent and would unleash the American economy. The key word there is “would”. Trump has not followed through with his promise in any way. He has released an official draft plan but that’s not quite the same thing as legislation to cut taxes. I’ll believe and support it when I see it.

“End the Offshoring Act”

The promise was to impose tariffs in order to discourage American companies from moving offshore.

This is the only aspect of Trump’s economic policy that I do not like. The problem with high tariffs is that they are so very appealing at first but then in the end only result in higher prices for consumers. Let’s say a company moves to Mexico, for whatever reasons it may have. Trump then decides to impose a 5% tariff there. The company has two choices. It can either accept its profits from sales in America will reduce by 5%, or it can increase prices by 5% and keep profits the same. I struggle to believe that many companies would turn down the latter in favour of the former. So in some ways, I am pleased he has not followed through with this in any way at all. He has persuaded many companies to stay in America with diplomatic means and through negotiation – as it should be done. However, he made a promise to the American people and although I disagree with the premise of it, he should follow through with it or he is no different to any other politician.

“American Energy and Infrastructure Act”

He promised to invest an additional $1 trillion into infrastructure & energy over ten years.

I don’t know a huge deal about this particular promise so I cannot hold an informed opinion, however, I do feel that additional funding is always good for infrastructure, provided it is fully costed and revenue neutral, as Trump claims it will be. However, as is beginning to become expected, he has not followed through with this pledge in any way.

“School Choice and Education Opportunity Act”

The promise was to change the way education funding works in America in order to give parents greater choice in their child’s education.

Again, being in Britain not America, I know very little about the American education system. However, I am very much in favour of as much choice as possible in education and it seems clear that these plans encourage that, so I would like to think I would support them. However, that is rather hard to tell bearing in mind that nothing has happened with the act, yet again.

This article is becoming a little predictable, isn’t it?

“Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act”

The promise was to replace Obamacare with a far better system that would reduce costs, drug waiting times and red tape.

I absolutely agree with this because I feel that Obamacare has been a huge failure and nationalisation of the health service should be stopped before it is too late. And in credit to Trump, he has tried very hard to follow through on this pledge but was blocked by congress. He is now working again to get it through. On that note, I think the media has been very harsh on Trump on his work in this area because he is working hard to follow through on his promises – more than most politicians do.

“Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act”

The promise was to allow people to deduct childcare and eldercare from their taxes, making it significantly more affordable.

I think this is a very good policy because it helps to reduce the huge struggle parents are going through far too often. I think the government could afford it because of the money that will be made from the tax plans. However, the tax plans have not been introduced and neither have these plans, so debating their merits is a little pointless at present.

“End Illegal Immigration Act”

The promise was to introduce legislation that would impose a minimum jail sentence of 2 years for attempted illegal re-entry and 5 years for those who are convicted felons, as well as other reforms to the justice and visa systems to increase punishments for illegal immigration. He also promised to guarantee funding for a wall on the Southern border, with the understanding that Mexico would fully reimburse the cost of it.

As a nationalist, I am very much in favour of this policy because of the dreadful effects of illegal immigration that the US has suffered in recent years. The incentives for attempting legal immigration instead need to be promoted and punishing illegal immigrants is a very positive way of doing this. I think the wall is simply common sense and, frankly, I am astounded there is not already a wall. Conversely, I think that making Mexico pay for it would be stupid and impractical and if protectionism is how he seeks to do this then those traits are even more so. However, the legislation has not been passed so, again, this is a failure. In Trump’s defence, illegal immigration has fallen by 73% since he took over – a huge achievement! But not as a result of any legislation.

“Restoring Community Safety Act”

He promised to create a task force specifically to deal with violent crime and to increase funding for local police, as well as giving more resources to federal law enforcers to deal with gang crime and violence.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that this act would be a great step forward in addressing what is a very serious problem in America. Sadly, Trump has not moved it forward from the planning stage in the election.

“Restoring National Security Act”

The promise included various new initiatives to bolster the military, assist veterans, defend against cyber attacks and properly check those entering the country to see if they are a threat.

These are brilliant ideas and will ensure that America is safer from all of its enemies – however, they wish to attack the land of the free. Sadly, yet again, this act has not been introduced and the great plans have made absolutely no progress.

“Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act”

The promise was to enact new ethics reformed to take out the severe levels of corruption in America politics.

I fundamentally support this and think it would be truly great for the American people. However, as you would suspect, no progress has been made on the act yet.


These are clear signs that Trump is failing so far in his role. I must confess – I am surprised. I really had my heart set on Trump’s presidency and it has been an utter disappointment.

Trump’s Accomplishments

Despite his huge failure to complete all of his 100-day promises, he has made progress in many areas and has certainly set the tone for his Presidency.

Supreme Court Appointment

One of the biggest challenges for Presidents is getting the Supreme Court on their side, which Trump has done in his appointment of Neil Gorsuch. This, whatever way you look at it, is a major achievement of his.

Ditched the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Trump has always been an opponent of globalisation and very quickly fulfilled his pledge to withdraw from the TPP. It is a deal that is loved by the special interests and multinationals but is the subject of much criticism from labour unions, environmental groups and obviously, the new President. Just from that list, you should be able to see who it really benefits.

Boosted Stock Markets

Due to Trump’s excellent tax policy, stocks have risen 5% since he took over – a huge growth! If they rise that much just from the prospect of the reforms, just imagine how much better they’ll be after the reforms have been implemented!

Slashed Red Tape

The President has signed 13 congressional review acts to get rid of unnecessary regulations which are hindering businesses and ultimately costing jobs.

Approved the Keystone XL Pipeline

In a move that will create tens of thousands of American jobs, Trump has given the go-ahead to the Keystone XL Pipeline, a great achievement of his Presidency.

My Opinion

As I said in the introduction, I have always been a hardcore supporter of Trump. I stuck with him through rape allegations and the “grab ‘em by the pussy” scandal right through to his comments on radical Islam & illegal Mexican immigration and his views on the LGBT community. I am very proud of having stood up for my beliefs, despite huge criticism and opposition and I stand by everything I said and did during that time. I still believe that Trump believes in equality for all, whether that be men & women, different races and religions or the LGBT community. But I simply cannot continue arguing that Trump is not a liar, like all other politicians after seeing him fail on all ten of his legislative promises.

It is very rare that I hate people in politics. I can hate their views, values and actions, but I try as hard as possible not to hate them as a person because I know that they are doing what they see to be right. However, when it comes to Tony Blair, I cannot do anything to stop myself utterly despising everything about him. Whether it is because of the 179 British troops who died in Iraq (which I hold him personally accountable for); the estimated 500,000 Iraqis who died in the conflict; the Britons who’s country was effectively destroyed by his awful reforms to welfare, immigration, the EU and virtually all other areas; or whether it is simply because of his evil attitude that he is above everyone else, I do not know. I should imagine it is all of them. However, Trump has started bombing Syria on the basis of what is widely suspected to be false evidence against Assad – which is exactly what Blair did, just on a smaller scale. I am very strongly anti-interventionist and I was under the impression that President Trump is too. That, it would appear, was a false belief of mine. As much as many of Trump’s policies are appealing to me, I cannot back a man who is bombing an elected leader of a secular state and considering my views on Blair, it would be hypocritical of me to do so. I do not in any way condone the actions of Assad but they are significantly less evil than those of ISIS, who would almost undoubtedly take Assad’s place, were he thrown out by the West.

Regardless of the above, I would still support Trump against the candidates of 2016 if there was another election, even if more reluctantly. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of everything that is wrong with politics and would undoubtedly have launched far more assaults on Syria that Trump has. She only listens to special interests and the established liberal elite, and most probably takes little notice of ordinary Americans and I am glad to see her out of American politics, at least for the time being. Bernie Sanders is an economically illiterate, deluded, washed-down communist. I do believe that he is anti-establishment and would bring change to America but I am sceptical that a man who owns three houses yet criticises job-creators for greed has the interests of the American people at heart. Say what you like about Trump, you can’t say he’s greedy. He has given away all ownership of his life’s work and is giving 100% of his salary to charities while in office. Then you have the Libertarian party. I am a libertarian myself and I am proud to be so. But I cannot argue that a man who infamously asked “what’s Aleppo?” and who refuses to use the term “illegal immigrant” in fear of offending immigrants who have entered the country illegally (AKA illegal immigrants, by the way) should be President. And for all of his downfalls, I largely agree with Trump’s policies on the economy, immigration, health, Islam, foreign affairs (at least I thought I did) and many other issues so I believe he will make America better, but I certainly wouldn’t go as far as “great”. I think the vast amount of jobs he will create and the effectiveness of his solutions to terrorism and illegal immigration will just about secure him another 4 years but after that people will be fed up and will want a different Republican (and not a Democrat unless Mrs Obama stands), who I hope will be somebody like Rand Paul. I do think and hope that Trump’s Presidency will set a precedent of right-wing responses to terrorism and economic liberalism, at least for the next couple of Presidents. So, in many ways, America needs Trump – even though Trump in himself is a bad President.

Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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