Is My Generation Self-Destructive?

I’m a millennial. A millennial is anybody born between the 80’s and 90’s and are sometimes known as Generation Y. The people of my generation are know mostly for their tech savvy nature and egotistical personalities. We constantly crave approval for our peers through the wonders of the selfie, through the marvel of the Facebook post, and through the spectacle of the Twitter feed. I like to hold a sense of pride in how privileged we’ve become as people in the last couple of decades, but it becomes hard to keep that pride we treasure whilst simultaneously acting detrimental to our own well being. Millennials have been called “Snow flakes” and “SJWs”, I’ll be the first to put my hands up and admit I have called my fair share of people these names. I watch as my co-workers, my friends, and my fellow millennials sit glued to their phones day and night, never glancing up once. Enthralled in the past time of fighting for “social justice”, an ironic displacement of awareness in my eyes. There is also an obesity epidemic sweeping young people. Fat acceptance has become very popular. The advocacy of a serious health issue and the encouragement to put your life at risk is ever high in today’s all accepting society. I’m not one to tell anybody how to live their life, but promoting obesity is something I cannot play devils advocate towards.

Feminism in 2017?
Another trend we are seeing among young people is feminism and the attack on men. Whether it’s through calling all “white male cis men” evil, or through the women’s marches that protest for the degeneration of equality. The destruction of the nuclear family, a traditional culture of marriage and the raising of children, is a main target for feminists. The website wrote an article about why feminists should refrain from taking their husbands names, and why they should refrain from marriage altogether. You can read that article here. BuzzFeed has also been guilty of making videos that hold this narrative. Their agenda is to emasculate the male species and I find their videos to be pretty ridiculous to say the least. Some feminists on Twitter have gone as far as to call for the eradication of all males; ironically this would end their own existence pretty quickly too. Feminism in the early 1900’s was a time of great change that lead to the equality of both genders. This was awesome, but the third wave feminism we’re seeing today is a selfish and narcissistic way for insecure women everywhere to one up their male counterparts.

Trans Issues
The transsexual community. A right-wing supporter bringing that one up…Shocker. The transsexual community is one that succeeds in angering me every time they speak. I have no hatred or prejudice towards anybody, but they take everything too far. The transsexual community has become a tyrannical group of people who constantly whine their way into changing policies, and having laws put in place that do nothing but nuisance the other 99% of society. Recently in Canada protests broke out at the University of Toronto over professor Dr Jordan B Peterson. He stated on multiple occasions that he believes only in 2 genders, and will not address anybody by their self proclaimed pronoun. This sparked outrage. Lauren Southern, who was a journalist at The Rebel Media at this time, attended the event and spoke to protesters. You can watch that video here. I do not myself understand the pussy footing surrounding the transsexual community. Why should laws and policies be altered to negatively effect the majority because a minority wants power? You can be fined and imprisoned in parts of New York now by simply forgetting to refer to a person by there chosen pronoun. The threat of losing your business or freedom for using simple logic is abhorrent. Why should we be forced to circumvent science in order to ease the minds of those who choose to ignore freedom of speech and one’s right to have a different opinion.

Crime Among Youths
Another issue I want to address is crime among the young community. I was born and bred in Luton Town in the UK, a town rated in the top 5 worst places to live each year. A town that has seen the true effects of mass immigration. Luton’s youth are heavily influenced by gang culture. Police sirens are common and to hear a police helicopter over head is not out of the ordinary. Our schools are funded well but are infested by the views of the Labour teachers union. This means the students attending schools in the area are bombarded with the views of the far left. Our schools have become camps of indoctrination where any trace of conservatism is quickly removed from your head and replaced with the stem cells for a liberal. I remember being taught about how evil capitalism was, and how great communist countries are. I knew better than to suck up the garbage taught in the classroom and instead did my own research. This kind of biased education, seems to have been reciprocated by schools and universities across Europe and North America, possibly a reason for the mind set we’re seeing from the youth today. My school was violent in the early days of my attendance. I remember when a student attempted to shoot another over a fight they had the day before. I also saw bloodied bathrooms quite a few times. Outside of school was where the real fun took place. If you walked through the wrong neighbourhood you were quickly a target for a bike thief or phone jacking, unless you could fight. Teenagers are wielding knives more than ever, much of this fascination with violence comes from the music the youths are listening to. Grime being a favourite of the kids today, proudly endorses gang violence and the prospects of imprisonment. Teenagers are committing crimes in hope of being put in prison in order to gain respect from their friends. Violent crime in the UK and Wales has increased by 22% according to the MET and crime in the UK has increased altogether by 8%

Words Hurt Snowflakes
Millennials are obsessed with the words Racism, Sexism, and Islamophobia. No matter what your opinion is, you must be fuelled by one of those 3 instances. You are concerned with crime in black communities? You’re racist! You’re worried about the increasing number of cases of domestic violence towards men? You’re sexist! You are worried about terrorism and the links it has to the Muslim community? You’re just Islamophobic buddy. No matter was circumstances, no matter what reason you may have for your concerns. You must have an alternate evil agenda in their eyes. This is the rhetoric perpetually taught to many millennials. Lauren Southern’s book “How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, And Islam Screwed My Generation” goes into detail about the liberal takeover of the universities in the 60’s. It’s a great read and I recommend it to everyone.

On the brighter side. As Paul Joseph Watson pointed out, “Conservatism is the new counter culture”. So there may yet be hope for us millennials, we just need to fight the good fight for free speech and pass on the knowledge we acquire. No more worrying about whether your co-workers will call you a racist bigot for supporting Trump. No more pussy footing around those who wish to have you fired from your job for using your right to free speech. I do not believe my generation will self-destruct any time soon, I believe in us to figure this thing out before its too late as long as we are brave enough to tackle the issues.
Written by Kane J Woodward

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