The French Election Outcome: Macron Wins 61.3% of the Votes

The French Election Is Over:

Emmanuel Macron wins 61.3% of the votes in unsurprising results. The French election has been at the forefront of people’s minds ever since the shocking outcomes of the EU referendum and the U.S election. They were both very controversial and the results scored a huge victory for nationalism and sovereignty. The French election has also been pitched by many as nationalism vs globalism, but with the success of Emmanuel Macron, the west’s quest for nationalism has hit a brick wall.  Emmanuel Macron was the fan favourite in France all along, but many had high hopes for a Marine Le Pen victory. Le Pen leader of the National Front party had campaigned tirelessly but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The election results were revealed at 7:00 pm BST on the 7th May 2017, the momentum surrounding the election had been building up for the past couple of months. Le Pen and Macron’s approval ratings were wrestling relentlessly but in the end Macron’s popularity overpowered Le Pen’s bright ideas and patriotic world view. Macron dominated the polls winning a majority of 61.3% of votes, to 38.7% for Le Pen.

Recently the hashtag #MacronLeak has been trending. Perpetuated by figures such as Jack Posobiec, the leaks have brought to light some of Macron’s plans and secrets. Macron has expressed his desire to Islamify France by introducing Islamic education into schools and he has plans to approve of the construction of Mosques. Illegal drugs misuse accusations and evidence has also come forward sparking speculation on Twitter. Macron is also known for his support of the European Union and has been pictured with Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany. Concern over Emmanuel Macrons intentions and plans for France are rising due to these leaks. Documentation has also revealed plans to teach Arab in French schools and to increase the awareness of Islam among French citizens. He has also reportedly planned to intake more refugees and migrants from the middle east.

Marine Le Pen was known to be the daughter of National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, this placed a stigma upon her from the start of her campaign. She had plans to reform the constitution, re-establish borders, lower taxes for small companies, clamp down on immigration and deport foreigners who have committed crimes. She was also proposing the idea to change the law so that children who are born in France to parents who are not French nationals do not automatically become a french citizen at birth. The parents would have to stay in the country for a set amount of years and then the child can be eligible for citizenship. Marine Le Pen has been constantly painted as the elitist insider figure during the elections, a complete fallacious conjecture. Macron is a former Rothschild’s banker with ties to George Soros. Conspiracy theorists have reached out to the public with evidence of rigging and bias in favor of Macron after documents showing supposed big sum bank transactions were leaked. The French were quick to call these leaks a Russian conspiracy. Macron has also made a silent pact with Antifa during the campaign and evidence of a planned Antifa riot in the event of a Le Pen victory was uncovered.

It was clear from the get go that this election would be a tough nut to crack for nationalist Marine Le Pen. During the first round there was no clear favourite. Macron and Le Pen rose above and earned a respectable 24% and 21.3% approval rating, with Francois Fillon just behind Le Pen with a score of 20%.

Marine Le Pen is reported to have called Macron to congratulate him on his victory just after the results came in, showing Le Pen’s humble nature.  Following the victory, Macron had this to say:

A new chapter in our long history has opened this evening. I would like it to be one of hope and of renewed confidence.

What will the future hold for France in the coming years? Is France about to become a Islamic hot bed?

  • This year’s polls have been the lowest turnout in recent history. Voter turnout at 5pm was 65.4%, the lowest since the second round of the 1981 election.
  • Macron dominates the polls, winning 61.3% of the votes
  • Le Pen comes in short at 38.7% of the votes
  • Emmanuel Macron comes under fire amidst #MacronLeaks Twitter Trend
  • Macron plans to Islamify France and has plans to implement the teaching of Arab in schools
  • Plans for Mosques have been leaked
  • Macron endorses the introduction of more Islamic awareness within French communities

Written by Kane John Woodward

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