German/Swiss Border Rarely Enforce Passport Checks

As we all know, Germany among many other European countries, has been subject to steadily increasing acts of terrorism. Surely, protecting their borders is a necessity to prevent further illegal immigration, is it not? Actually, the German/Swiss border rarely enforce passport checks.

How do I know this, though?

As you may know from my YouTube and/or Kipper Central bio, I live in Switzerland. Specifically, I live in a city called Basel, which is located at the border of Germany and France. 

As any resident in Basel knows, travelling to the neighboring countries provides us with many benefits, such as a cheaper price on shopping as well as having the availability to pick up Amazon packages (Switzerland does not have Amazon).

But since the travelling requires crossing borders, mandatory passport and security checks for every person crossing these borders should be carried out, shouldn’t they?

This isn’t the case. I cross the German border on a regular basis, the majority of times I do cross the German border, I go to a small town across the border called Weil Am Rhein. 

The way one crosses this border, is as simple as crossing a small bridge by foot or by tram. If one crosses the border by foot, passport checks are hardly if not at all carried out, obviously only if you look Western European.

Sometimes, this tram is stopped by police men who patrol the border, on rare occasions they actually go into the tram and look for people who do not fit the ethnic portrayal of a Western European and check their documents.

Here is where my first problem begins- the aesthetic discrimination. Why should one specific person be checked due to their skin colour, when there could be plenty of people in that tram that do not have valid documents to cross the border?

Of course one would argue the actual logic behind the action- the majority of people with invalid documents that reside in Western Europe do not look Western European. Especially during the migrant crisis, a lot of economic illegal migrants come from the Middle East and North Africa. 

But the problem is not necessarily the racial profiling, but how thorough the checks are. If only a handful of people in a full tram are being checked, then how can we deem that the people residing in Switzerland and the bordering countries are legally allowed to be there?

The same applies with going to other neighbouring cities close to the Swiss border, such as Lörrach. Lörrach can be reached via a 15 minute train ride from the main train station in Basel. 

During this train ride NO document or passport checks are carried out. Going from Germany to Switzerland is as easy as taking a train ride- literally. The same also applies to crossing the French border to Switzerland (Saint-Louis). 

By now it has become general knowledge that Germany and France have hit rock bottom through political destruction. Switzerland are still independent and still are mostly able to enforce their own rules, but how is this possible if their borders aren’t properly secured?

Theoretically, anybody could cross the border from Germany into Switzerland, or from France into Switzerland without any necessary checks.

I live in fear almost every day, after being groped in the tram numerous amounts of times in Basel and being scared to go outside at night. It doesn’t help understanding that the borders that i live right next to aren’t even secure. 

Europe, what are you doing to us?


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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