Oops! Typo in Labour costings document HUMILIATES Corbyn & McDonnell

For weeks Labour have been boasting about their wonderfully costed manifesto. Well, I had a quick look at this document and it wasn’t hard to find a glaring typo! Kipper Central can reveal the most basic mistake in their work:

In their ‘Funding Britain’s Future’ document, they claim to have fully costed their manifesto but appear to be unable to type what they want corporation tax to be – ‘26%’, or ‘£26%’ as they put it. For those who are unaware, percentages are written as a number, i.e. 20%, 26%, etc. They don’t ever have a pound sign right before them and if they do then it should at least be consistent throughout the document.

Diane Abbott must have been at the keyboard!

Reece C.

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. As a 15-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee. He is very passionate about charity work, and in addition to raising thousands for one charity, he is the head of fundraising at another. He writes one article a week.

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