Watch This Terrible EU Propaganda Video

As soon as I had assumed that the EU had stopped with propaganda for now; my daily YouTube hunt had begged to differ. A French YouTube channel called EUROPEENSSANSFRONTIERES (Europeans without borders), which creates and discusses pro-EU content, has uploaded a video called “EURODAME, HELP !”.

The short film has been uploaded in various languages on their channel and shows a ‘fairy godmother’ bringing refugees to Europe. The fairy is dressed in a t-shirt which features an image of the EU flag. It is evident that this fairy represents the EU.

Evidence shows that this short film was funded in part by the European Commission, the French government, and third-party groups such as the Fondation Hippocrène. The official website of Fondation Hippocrène mentions this on their home page:

“The Hippocrene Foundation is a recognized family and an independent public utility foundation that works to ensure that genuine European citizenship is built day by day by young people in Europe. It supports the implementation of concrete projects carried out by or for young Europeans in all areas that allow dialogue and sharing in the service of a common European citizenship.”

The foundation has funded a large amount of projects alongside George Soros‘s Open Society Foundations network (of course). The short animation features a migrant man, his Muslim wife along with their two children, in some sort of a surreal silent-hill like environment. They approach the gateway of what seems a border to Europe called “FRONTEX”.

An EU Border Agency (Frontex) is shown refusing the entry of a young man who wants to work, as well as a smuggler. The EU border guard grants the family passage because their country “is at war”. The fairy proceeds to invite the family into a tent, where they are then taken into an Eastern European country on a magic carpet (cue the cultural appropriation).

As they land, the animation depicts Eastern European countries as “racist” whilst they shout that they do not want refugees. As the fairy exclaims that “it’s their right” (the migrant), the carpet then takes the family to Western Europe.  Western Europe is depicted as a safe haven where every refugee is “needed” and where every refugee expresses gratitude toward their hosts.

“Welcome. We really need you.” a European man tells the migrant man.
“Thank you,” the migrant man replies. “Long live Europe.”

At the end, the migrant family is having dinner with a Western European family.  A child narrator asks the viewer: “Europe protects it’s borders and Europeans open their hearts to refugees. And you?”.

There are so many things wrong with this animated short film, and it really does make me question the necessity of such a video at this time. I will list a few of the inaccuracies within this animation.

The Timing Of When The Short Film Was Released Takes Away Any Serious Attitude Toward The Situation Depicted

This was published on EUROPEENSSANSFRONTIERES’s YouTube channel on April 26th 2017. This was long after we realised that the refugees really aren’t thankful. Despite the fact that war is a terrible thing and it is sad to see people involved, countries like Germany and Sweden didn’t understand the “war” context, thus opening all borders.

Due to this, copious amounts of no-go zones in Sweden have been created (such as Rinkeby) as well as many dreadful terror attacks occurring in Europe such as the Paris attacks. The people viewing this video now will either cringe, laugh or do both at the same time.

Admittedly when I first watched it, I assumed that it was some sort of satire.

“Europe protects it’s borders and Europeans open their hearts to refugees. And you?”

But does Europe protect its borders? As recently mentioned, Germany’s open door policy went to shambles as it was faced with a large amount of terror attacks. What does one expect when Europe allows everyone to come in, expecting only the ones needing refuge to arrive?

If Europe really did block economic migrants and let in only needing families, then why was there such a dense population of young male migrants coming to Europe?

Migrants go from North Africa to Italy

“Welcome. We really need you.”

No, we don’t. In October 2015, the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) October migration estimates document outlined a number of key statistics previously not in the public domain. It was stated that over 80% of migrants have no qualifications, the majority are under the age of 45, and the agency expected 400,000 new benefit claimants within the following year.

According to Eurostat, Spain has an unemployment rate of 18.4%, whilst Italy has an unemployment rate of 12.0%. Again, Europe does not need you.


Alison is a conservative right wing authoritarian. Having grown up in England and lived there for 18 years, UK politics remains a large part of her life. She is now living in Basel Switzerland, but is still passionate about UKIP, and other right wing leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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