The Clinton Comeback

Hillary Clinton is back. She has launched a new Political Action Committee called ‘Onward Together’. So what, you may well reasonably think, after all, surely Mrs Clinton is yesterday’s news? Well, not really; firstly, it is not the only thing that the Clintons have been up to. Earlier in the year, the Clinton Foundation suddenly entered free-fall. On the surface, this apparent collapse looks like bad news for the Clintons, an inevitable result of their spiral into political irrelevancy, but if you consider it in one context, that of another, yes that’s right, ANOTHER bid for the White House, I think it makes perfect sense and is good news for them. The Clinton Foundation, after all, was one of the things that made the ‘Crooked Hillary’ tag stick so effectively given its long-list of dodgy donors and its central place in the substantive allegations made in the film ‘Clinton Cash’, a must-watch for anyone who thinks that this family is any way decent. So, its ‘exit stage left’ could reasonably be seen as prudent house cleaning.

Look at the backdrop. Slowly, but surely, the public is being prepared for the impeachment of Donald Trump. We have the ongoing saga of Comey/Russia-gate, the constant suggestion that Trump is a traitor, a red not so much under the bed but as entrenched in the Oval Office. This is being backed up by a drip-drip of opinion polling purporting to show widespread disenchantment with the Trump Presidency.  Nonetheless, i’d be surprised if this happens this year. If the Democrats have any sense they will at least want to wait until after the Mid-Terms next year to dip their political toe into the water and see how it feels.

Following on from Clinton’s defeat, there was a lot of wild speculation that anyone from Michelle Obama to ‘The Rock’ will run against Trump in 2020. Michelle Obama would certainly command much loyalty and attract much support from the grassroots Democrats, however, she has given no indication this is a route she wants to take. Plus, I can see Clinton peddling a hard luck story, ‘but I won the popular vote’, ‘I should have won etc’, and trading quite heavily off the victim card. It is a role she plays so well and she is already crafting precisely this narrative. In many ways it is a role she has built her whole public persona on ever since her philandering husband made her one in the public eye all those years ago.

Even better from her point of view, she will emerge in this role, and given the right amount of time and clever prep-work, clean and ‘untainted’ in the public eye, well, if not quite untainted then certainly less tainted than a newly impeached Trump.  Notice how she suddenly seems as fit as a fiddle as well, no more searching questions being asked about her health has obviously done it wonders. Ultimately, what better way to capitalise on any buyers remorse amoung the American electorate, bruised by the experience of choosing Trump, than offering them exactly the same name on the ticket that they previously rejected. This is why I believe Democrats will want to choose Clinton again if she puts herself forward which I totally believe she will.

I do think one of Donald Trump’s most critical mistakes will prove to be not having dealt with Clinton when he had the chance  by following through on his promise to appoint a special investigator to look into her and the Clinton family. Now not only is Clinton on the march back into the limelight she is clearly, in my eyes, on the march back towards a campaign for the White House.

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