Transgenderism Isn’t Cute

It seems to be a common trend to infantilize transgender people. Being transgender is the result of a sometimes extremely severe condition called dysphoria, which occurs when there is a disconnect between a person’s brain and their biological sex. This disconnect is what causes the condition dysphoria, which can cause extreme stress and discomfort. Individuals suffering with the condition have a 40% higher chance of suicide, which can be credited to social pressures and discrimination – but is also a result of the actual mental illness. In other discriminated against groups the suicide rate is nowhere near as high – in fact middle age white men (who most deem as least discriminated against) have some of the highest rates of suicide, and 7 out of 10 suicides were by white men in 2015. (Source here: So discrimination clearly isn’t a main factor to the trans suicide rates, which suggests the disorder could be largely to blame. Why is this relevant? There’s been a very sudden very constant influx of people who seem to glorify being transgender despite the very real discouraging and severe connotations surrounding being transgender. All of this is ignored with the push for social change, when this isn’t actually what trans people need or particularly want currently– especially when self-proclaimed SJW types politicise being transgender and warp the experiences of these people to fit their agenda.


Being transgender is a very difficult thing to deal with, and with it comes a whole host of difficulties. Family and friends often discriminate against someone after they’ve come out, bullying is common in transgender teens and even adults, counselling is often needed before HRT, hormones are often taken as a way of alleviating feelings of dysphoria (which can have stressful side effects like hair-loss and acne in FTMs, and more severe conditions later in life), and sometimes complete sex reassignment surgery is used as a means of coping with the disorder. Does any of this sound cute? Any of this sound worth glorifying?


That’s because it isn’t.


While it’s true that discrimination against transgender people is common, – we are one of the most stigmatized and mocked groups – protesting and rioting against someone’s use of gender pronouns isn’t going to do anything, and further pushes the narrative that when it comes down to it we’re all unwilling to sit down and have a civil conversation. It’s a fight trans people have not asked you to fight. Our voices are only prioritized when they fit the narrative of what is politically correct, and any differ in opinion is seen as a betrayal to the ‘trans community’. The majority of us want to live as authentic a life as we possibly can through transition, without our mental condition being appropriated and used to justify violence.


Connor Payne

UK / 16 / transgender / he/him I'm tired of seeing the same old trends when it came to trans people in the media - often very liberal very left wing people, with very radical views to match. I don't like the representation so i decided to at least try and get my opinion out there. Against antifa, fat acceptance, sjws, anti-third wave feminism and against the theory of multiple genders.

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