Should You Bother Voting UKIP on 8 June 2017?

On 24 June 2016 we woke up (or some of us were just leaving the count) to the glorious news that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union.  It was the end of a very long campaign.

But some, it was the end of a very, very long campaign.

UKIP began as the Anti-Federalist League, a Eurosceptic political party established in 1991 by the historian Alan Sked.  It became the UK Independence Party on 3 September 1993.  UKIP stood in the 1994 European Parliament elections.  Nigel Farage was a founder of the party, along with others.  He stood in the 1994 by-election in Eastleigh on 9 June 1994.  He came fourth, with the late great Screamin’ Lord Sutch coming fifth and Peter Warburton of the Natural Law Party coming last.  Nigel received 952 votes, beating Screamin’ Lord Sutch by 169 votes.

Nigel Farage was elected leader of UKIP twice.  Following the unexpected win in the EU Referendum, Nigel shocked party members (and most media commentators) by announcing that he was resigning as leader of UKIP.  Many believe he was pushed out of the Party – some believe what Nigel says – he just needed time away from the exhausting effort of trying to keep the party going.

Diane James was elected leader and resigned 18 days later.  Paul Nuttall was elected, and immediately was engulfed in the by election in Stoke Central.  It was a bad move.  The election went against him, and he was humiliated.  Stoke should have been an easy win.  It was not.  And it had far reaching consequences.

There is a contingent of kippers that cannot see anyone but Nigel Farage leading the party.  So, many of them left.  Many kippers were simply tories that wanted Brexit, so when we got it, they left.  Many were humiliated or angered by the shenanigans of the two leadership contests, so they left.  Many people were left embarrassed by what happened in Stoke, so they left.  And finally, many think that the only way of getting a proper Brexit is by reducing the Labour Party to nothing.  Captain Chaos is helping with that, the rest by kippers voting tory.

The aim of this article is to ask you not to tactically vote tory on 8 June 2017, but to again vote UKIP and to keep the faith.  Things will get better.

Theresa May refused for a long time to say whether she was for leave or remain.  I think she came out as remain only because she thought remain would win and she would get to keep her senior role in the party.  Had leave been obviously going to win I have no doubt she would have come out as leave.  Either way, I do not think she has a strong conviction on the subject.

What I have noticed is that Tory seats that became available and had a big majority or were likely to win, got remain candidates pushed into them.  It has been mentioned a bit, but largely ignored.  It staggers me that kippers have ignored this fact.

This is what I think will happen.  I think that Theresa May has every intention of back peddling and giving in to certain demands from the EU.  I believe her when she says she will walk away from a “bad” deal.  But I think she will take a crap deal over no deal.  And I think she has pushed remainers into majority seats so that when she does start back peddling she has an unassailable position and will be impervious to being challenged by the big voices from the Leave side of the Conservative party.

And I also believe that every kipper that votes conservative is helping her do this.  I have no doubt that they will be horrified when it happens – but by then it will be far, far too late and she will not be subjected to a General Election in 2020.  She will have a full three clear years before the next election.  That is why she called the election now.  That is why she is refusing to let candidates attend hustings or appear in debates.  She is hoping that Labour continue humiliating themselves and losing voters and that people vote Conservative because Labour & UKIP are in disarray.  It has been working thus far – but I think that is not going to last to the day after polling.

What she also counted on was by offering kipper policies as Tory policies and combining that with a manifesto that was stolen from the Labour Party of 2015 she expects to take all of the wavering kippers and all of the Labour people who hate Captain Chaos.

The recent polls show that she has succeeded a bit – UKIP is as low as 3% in some YouGov polls whereas we were at 13% in the 2015 election.  And now (as at 21/05/2017) people are realising what she is doing.  Despite how atrocious Captain Chaos and his sidekick Abbott are, they seem to be getting over 30% of the polling.  I never thought that would be possible.  But the Kippers haven’t yet fully realised what is happening.

So, I say this.  Forget what you think about Paul Nuttall.  Forget what you think about Stoke Central.  MPs that are elected to Parliament will hold an important role.  It is that that you should be looking at and not the people politics.  Most kippers are the same now as they were in 2015.  Vote UKIP on 8 June 2017.  We saw in the local elections that there is little need for kippers to vote Tory to get Brexit.  The chances are, without the UKIP MPs and with kippers voting tory we will see a watered down Brexit that none of us wanted or voted for.

On 8 June 2017, vote for the Brexit choice.  Vote UKIP.  We have not stood candidates in seats where a UKIP vote could damage a Brexiter, but where we have stood candidates then you should be voting Brexit.  Let’s start building the Party again.  Let’s start planning for 2022.  That means getting voices inside Parliament now, not some time in the future.


Kalvin P Chapman

UKIP candidate

Manchester Central


Kalvin Chapman

I am the secretary of UKIP Manchester and the secretary fo UKIP Greater Manchester. I stood as the parliamentary candidate for Stretford & Urmston in May 2015. I have never been a member of any other party, only UKIP. I live in Manchester and love politics.

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