The Wild Wild Web 

Governments of every shape and hue hate the internet. Let’s be honest, it is exactly like the Wild West, lawless and yes in many places seedy and dangerous but it is also a haven for brave, noble souls willing to challenge the dead hand of the globalist elite.

Every government wants to control the internet more not to make it safe for the genuinely vulnerable but safer for themselves. Theresa May already has overseen a massive assault on internet freedom as Home Secretary with her infamous ‘Snoopers Charter’. If she is re-elected then she wants to take that muc further – you probably hear in the news about this as e seemingly cosy suggestion that people should be allowed to delete their past history but lurking under there is an awful, sinister agenda which actually moves state snooping well beyond the internet and into the domain of messaging services like What’s App etc.

Proponents of internet freedom and personal liberty need to do more than repeat the same old mantras though – they do need to recognise that, as I said at the top, the internet can be a dangerous place. However, there is a lot of buck passing going on here. Can you remember the last terrorist who committed an atrocity who wasn’t known to the security services? Exactly. I physically cannot remember when that was last the case, the point being that if the security services already have a good handle on who these people are then why is this massive extension of state power needed? Indeed, the evidence we have suggests that the said security services fail consistently to deploy the extensive powers they already have so why give them more?

Similarly when it comes to protecting children, the state is not and never should be a literal nanny. It effectively takes responsibility and control out of parents hands and wonders why problems later arise. Kid-safe filters are standard now – the  fact is that the state wants us to be constantly depending on it so we allow it to pursue its own nefarious ends under the cover of our own dependency.
In other words, concerns about the safety of the internet are legitimate but solutions already exist which do not require the massive extension of state power – do not be fooled into thinking these proposals are in your best interests or the interests of the vulnerable – they are not. UKIP, as the Party of liberty and freedom from the state, should be making the cause of a internet free from state meddling its own. 

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