The Hypocrisy of the So-Called Suspension of Campaigning

Today, Sunday 4th June 2017,  Mrs. May made an announcement condemning Islamic Terrorism.   Last week the rent-a-crowd mob on the box jeered Paul Nuttall for using exactly the same expression.  When he used it then it was “attacking Moslems”.   When she used it… what was so different?

Mrs. May was right to condemn the terrorists and call them out by their name.  It is just that Paul Nuttall was ahead of her and had done it without the need for yet a further atrocity.  UKIP long since recognised the problem and has been unafraid to denounce those responsible.

Mrs. May will do nothing to deal with the issue.  A UKIP Government would.  This needs to be said LOUD AND CLEAR!

Hypocrisy: The Suspension of Campaigning

Here comes a bit more cynical manoeuvring.

While Mrs. May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and someone else whose name I forget have all announced they will suspend national campaigning, but not local, they have all spent their day clogging up our news channels pontificating at large.  In other words campaigning by using this dreadful event for their own political ends.

Quite rightly UKIP did not join in this temporary suspension.  UKIP has refused to participate in a hypocritical sinister piece of political chicanery.

This is a time where people are grieving and so it is, perhaps, better not to comment at length on the atrocity.  However the root cause was there at the start of the campaign and let us hope the public remember that UKIP stood alone in identifying and calling out those responsible.  Only UKIP has supported proposals to end the fundamental underlying problems that have led to innocent people being slaughtered and maimed on our street.

Let us hear Jeremy Corbyn and whatsisname from the Liberal Democrats condemn the terrorists in no uncertain terms.  We are waiting!

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