The Chilling Story of an Algerian Student: Why I Don’t Do Politics

A country ruled by a president who can’t even walk, a prime minister who puts music on for his people to dance whilst talking to them about serious matters, a country where people sit on there asses all day. No passion, no hopes, no dreams, and no effort. a government with no supervision, no inspection, no punishment – that’s the kind of country I live in .

As a very excited Muslim kid who is just starting to come out to the real world, going to university, and getting my first job, I was taught by experience and by my mother, to never question the people above, that these people who call themselves the government, are untouchable, and that we have no right and no ability to do anything but to watch, and keep our mouths shut.

I watched as they stopped my uncle in the highway asking for his drivers license, then asking for a bribe to give it back. I watched as my mom’s boss fired her then gave her job to his wife. I watched as a son of a government official got a scholarship to study abroad while I, the top of the class got refused because .. “I had bad grades”, I watched while I got drafted for obligatory military service when the law states that I should be excluded, because I don’t have a father and I’m the only man in the house.

I understood early on that this isn’t democracy; this is slavery in disguise – people so ignorant and so weak that they don’t have the courage to show the government that a country isn’t defined by its rulers but by its people, I understood that the law is just words printed on a piece of paper, if not for the people who exercise it “fairly”. It truly breaks my heart – a country colonized for 130 years, where our grandfathers were enslaved, our grandmothers were raped, where when the people went out to the street, congratulating our colonizer for the end of WW2, were massacred for it. A country of 1.5 million martyr. All that spilled blood for freedom only to get to where we are now.

So I promised myself to take it into my hands to teach the people about their rights and to make them understand how powerful words could be and how weak these humans who think of themselves as gods ruling society are, and to make them believe that it is not right to be treated in such awful manners and that we have the right as much as anybody in the world to speak up and to do whatever we want, as long as it is in the borders of the law and logic.

Well, I was naive! A nation which doesn’t want to be saved can’t be saved, some people are just too lazy, too hopeless, and too ignorant for you to change. Even if politics touch almost every part of our lives, it is a play about a hero, a kingdom and a villain. where the kingdom is the people. the hero is the high ranking, secretary banging, money laundering, drug abusing, puppet master official and the villain is the well educated, intellectual, academic, capable, in his right mind citizen.

Tariq ramadan said :

“You can’t say “I don’t do politics”, because silence is a political statement”

well he should have added before “if you live in a country where people listen” .

And that’s why… I don’t do politics anymore .

Hammi Cloud

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