In Defence of Tim Farron

The most beautiful trait of the left is the ability to cannibalise itself.  Having now taken over almost every aspect of society they have ran out of things to be outraged by – hence the obsession with trigger warnings and safes spaces. As a consequence of this they have become so deranged that even the bra-burners of the 70’s such as Germaine Greer now appear as somewhat sane and too abominable to even speak in the eyes of the loony left.  They are so intolerant that they do not only shut down conservative speech but those of a slightly less Marxist disposition

This brings me to Tim Farron – the person everybody loves to hate. It is becoming a weekly occurrence for him to be assailed by the media for his clearly religiously held belief that homosexuality is a sin in an attempt to cleanse the establishment of any thought crime. However , is it true to suggest that he is some sort of homophobe  ? No, one gets the impression that he subscribes to the actual liberal belief – which makes a nice change- that you tolerate things in which you do not like – except for election results of course. One cannot tolerate something that you like – it goes against the very definition of the word. The man who the lefty media are now attacking is a fellow traveller on so many issues to them. Imagine how they would treat somebody who wasn’t a fellow traveller of the left? Oh wait, we already Know.

It would be fair to say that it is enjoyable to watch a man who spends his life maligning people , such as when he accused UKIP of “scaremongering” and said that we have “no place in British Politics” falling foul of the lefts most beautiful trait.  However , I also find this debacle , along with the growing illiberal crusade of the left to rid the institutions – namely education, politics , the civil service and the media –  of all dissent beyond what they consider to be within the realm of debate to be very troubling. We are no longer asked to tolerate others lifestyles, choices and beliefs but forced to agree with the party line for fear of harassment and in many cases our jobs. Tolerance is now irrelevant; you may not hold a contrary opinion; Diversity is our strength except for diversity of opinion. This is not a trait od a liberal society; this is a trait found in theocracies.

Margot Parker – a woman I respect greatly – has tweeted an article attacking Tim Farron for his remarks. Tempting as it may be to join in on this we absolutely shouldn’t : we are better than that and also it would be stupid to do so : Louis  XVI of France had no problem aiding the Americans in their struggle for independence for the 13 colonies , but soon he found the principles of the American revolution becoming the inspiration to those who toppled him ,and ultimately ended his life. We should never engage in attacking people for their private views on a subject. Policy is fair game but it is a threat to our liberty to render ourselves either defenceless or as hypocrites when seeking to defend ourselves against the regressive left. If we go after Tim Farron on this issue how do we go about defending, let’s say the right of a Christian baker to not bake a gay wedding cake or churches that only wish to carry out traditional marriages without being hypocritical. We could no longer claim to be an anti-pc party.

On this issue, and this issue alone, we should leave Tim alone and perhaps even defend him. Why bother going down this road when we have so much ammunition already.

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