In the Shadows of our Ancestors

Manchester was bombed. London bridge is quite literally falling, armed police officers roam the streets of England trying desperately to prevent any more deaths. . Women and Children were explicitly targeted and died because…..  and that’s where that sentence ends. I honestly can’t tell you why. I can’t tell you what the ‘Because’ is. I have seen Muslim apologists tell me that it is not all Muslims and they are right. It isn’t. Behind every single terrorist lie a thousand innocents who want nothing more than peace but they are starting to seem more and more like a minority than a majority.


Maybe, if I was drunk enough on whisky and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning I could give you a half baked rational as to why Charlie Hebdo was a valid target, it did after all post pictures of Muhammad. Maybe I could tell you that the Bataclan was just a spree shooter looking to get to heaven in the guise of a Holy Jihad. I could even try and tell you that Zaventem airport disrupted trade for a few days and that maybe that was the goal all along.

These would all be wrong, they would all miss the point but i in my mind I could make them make sense. No matter the mental gymnastics required.

Arianna Grande is twenty three years old. One year older than I. Her fanbase is primarily around the age of eight to twenty. She, like many celebrities, has let her political beliefs be known on any number of occasions. Never once has this included declaring Holy War on Islam. Never has she threatened the Holy City of Mecca. I would be hard pressed to find anyone in her entire fan base that would have done such a grievous sin that deserved such a harsh retribution.

I definitely do not think that eight year old Saffie Roussos or fifteen year old Olivia Campbell done anything worth destroying their lives for. Twenty-two people in all were killed. Fifty nine injured. Almost a hundred families have been affected by this act of terror. This does not even take into account the hundreds who will now have lasting psychological scars from that night. I for one will carry the shaky cell phone footage of teenage girls and boys running in terror to the very end of my days.

A week later London Bridge was attacked. Seven killed and forty-eight were injured in this mindless assault on innocents. What can I say about such a senseless act.

Either one of these attacks would be heartbreaking stories on their own. As I write this, the thoughts of the state of the Western World in my mind. I cannot hep but feel a wave of depression set in.

Because I cannot find a reason, a reason that would make these deaths any less awful.

These deaths were truly senseless.


Now for the next few weeks we will continue to hear about how it was not all Islam. The deaths and injuries will be played down, or maybe even forgotten in time. We will be told how the actions of the few do not equal the will of the many.

They will leave out much though. They will leave out that, according to a study done by ICM on behalf of Channel 4, only 34% of Muslims in the UK would report a suspected Jihadist.

They will not mention how the same study found that 54% of UK Muslims believe being Gay should be illegal. Not gay marriage, but the actual state of being gay.

Finally, and most damning of all, 4% of Muslims said they felt they had sympathy for the Jihadist cause. A small number that can cause so much pain and heartbreak, for that is over one hundred thousand people in Britain who think the death of an eight year old child is acceptable.

That is over one hundred thousand to many for my liking.

So what do I say to the people who say not all Islam. I don’t know, for certainly it is not all Islam. It is however a very large portion of it

What do I say to the people who tell me that bombings and shootings will now be common in Europe, I tell them that we are a strong people. That underneath a layer of liberalism beats the Hearts of Vikings, Saxons, Celts and Teutonic’s. I will tell them that at one point or another the entire world has fallen under sway of a few small nations that happen to inhabit the land we call Europe.

And what do I say when I am told that I can’t say anything against Islam, that I can’t preach hate against the men bombing our wife’s, our fathers, our sons and daughters. That the people who make it unsafe for women to walk down streets in France, Sweden or Germany, that abduct children from their parents and believe marrying twelve year old girls is acceptable.

I tell them that Europe will endure.

Not in its present form, the EU is in its well earned death throes. However, the cultures, history and identity  that make up the various European nations will survive. Europe has been tested against the anvils of history on numerous occasions and we have always won out.

The Huns could not take us.

The Mongols could not take us.

The ancestors of Islam were stopped at Toulouse by Charles Martel and again in Wallachia by Vlad Tepes and they did not take us.

I will tell all who will listen that I have faith in a Europe restored. A Europe Reborn from the Ashes that now cloud our streets and our minds.


So please. Go out and vote. Vote for governments that look after you and your family. Vote for Governments who believe in the individual freedoms of all men and know when a hostile ideology tries to take it from us.

Whether you live in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark or any other of our European brethren. Vote for yourselves.

Vote for the very Identity of Europe.


Author: BeardedNomad51


BeardedNomad51 is an avid gamer, reader and hater of radical Islam and Third Wave Feminism. He is a firm beliver in free speech and in the protection of Western Cultural ideas and societal norms. When not being outraged on the internet he like to play video games and obsess over imaginary worlds.

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