RMS Brexit sails through shark infested choppy seas, but is everything as it seems?

Theresa May was presented with a dilemma.  She faced considerable Establishment opposition within the House of Lords. There were challenges, on a daily basis from the press and media about her authority to govern, on the spurious grounds she was “not elected”.  Well, let’s scotch that one straight away.  We do not elect Prime Ministers.  We elect MPs.  Prime Ministers are appointed by Her Majesty the Queen.  Mrs. May’s existing mandate was perfectly satisfactory.

The Establishment is, though, a multi-pronged amorphous entity and it must have been clear it would do everything in its power to prevent BREXIT and the direction of its attacks would be difficult to predict.  The advice Mrs. May received, to hold an election, was clearly Establishment driven and a very clear and deliberate attempt to scupper the process.

The Ulster Component


Am I the only one to recall that, until very recently, the Conservative Party only contested elections as part of a coalition with the Ulster Unionists?  They are very much one and the same in their outlook and history.  That coalition enabled the people of Northern Ireland to participate in National Government while maintaining their local identity.  Some of us believe it is right the people of Northern Ireland should participate in national decision-making.

Free Movement

The Daily Express has made much of a letter, provided by the joint leaders of the Norther Ireland Assembly.  The letter appears to  seek the continuation of “free movement”.  I suspect this was a demand made under duress.  The inclusion of this ridiculous demand would have been placed there at the insistence of IRA/Sinn Fein.  This was one of many concessions the Ulstermen made to the separatists in order to enable the unworkable Good Friday agreement to operate.  Only in Northern Ireland can a minority overturn the will of the majority in this Blair/Major contract of deceit.  Therefore the obstacles, various commentators are proclaiming, do not exist.  There is little to prevent a working agreement being completed pretty rapidly.

Gay Rights *

It is true the DUP has a deplorable record on gay rights.  There is no likelihood there will be Parliamentary time to make space for any legislation in this area during the next five years.  There will certainly not be time to entertain any kind of legislation reversing those hard-won achievements.  Such legislation would, in any event,  be burdensome and time-consuming.

A Compelling Driving Force, Delivering BREXIT

The DUP has consistently opposed EU membership, unlike the Conservative Party and Theresa May.  Far from making “soft” BREXIT a possibility this coalition, or agreement, is more likely to force Mrs. May to deliver on what the electorate told her to do.  A hung Parliament means she has to be seen to deliver or she will face the voters suddenly and without warning.  That is a compelling driving force.  This should mean we end up with a much more satisfactory outcome than a Conservative Government with a large majority was ever likely to deliver.



  * I am a Gay Man.  I object to the patronising use of the expression “LGBT”.

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