The Conservative Government has Failed in its 1st Priority!

Again, another travesty, more tears, more carnage.

Once again, our fellow countrymen have, by our very own ‘leaders’, been led like the lamb to the slaughter. Death and destruction are becoming the norm in this one peaceful and civilised country.

How many more men, women and children need to be butchered before our ‘strong and stable’ government act? At what point will we realise that hashtags, flowers and candles aren’t going to stop these barbarian savages from reigning hell down upon us?

My heart weeps for this country and for my fellow people, and it pains me to see so many people blindly following Theresa May as being the patriot’s choice when this woman has let in potentially thousands of these brutes with her open door, “let them all in” policy, to such a point that there are now 23,000 potential Jihadi’s on the government’s watch list! What a shambolic mess we’re in.

Simple solutions could go a long way. Why is it that with all the surveillance in this country, with all the thousands of pages of laws we have on the statute books, with hate crimes legislation having incredibly broad scope, that we allow 23,000 potential terrorists to roam the street? How can it be that the attacker himself was featured on a Channel 4 documentary openly supporting extremist Islam? Surely just enforcing the laws we have in place on the statute books could help reduce the threat of terror?

The route cause though is never addressed, other than by UKIP, and credit to them for doing so. But why will no other political party or politician ever call it what it is, which is fundamentalist Islam? They don’t even need to criticise the whole religion to address the problem- yet still, they remain silent; as if it’s somehow wrong to call it what it is! If only the symptoms of the problem are addressed and not the cause then it will continue to persist.

Whatever excuses are given for radicalisation, the true underlying reason is a radical, literal interpretation of the religion. And maybe we in the West, being so devoid of any care for a God or for any greater cause than ourselves, fail to understand this; But these people are fanatics with a devotion to their God and to their sick dystopian ideology, and if we are to live peacefully in this country anyone who supports extremist Islam should either be locked up or immediately deported. Furthermore, the Saudis and Qataris who fund it must have their relations cut with us.

Why is it also, that in a time when there is clearly a major, major threat to British security, and when it’s clear that unfortunately many Muslims and other minority groups are highly isolated and not integrated into British society, that we keep our borders wide open? Surely, it’s clear the policies that UKIP put forward of putting strict limits on immigration, tackling fundamentalist Islam and having a strong integration agenda to bring together everyone in these islands would be the best for a Britain that is safer and more united. Once we have become so and the security situation is under control and the country’s peoples are close and well-integrated, then and only then should we consider relaxing immigration controls at all and any further immigration must be well managed to ensure security checks are made and to ensure that integration and adaption for new migrants takes place.

There’s plenty to do in response to this situation, but one thing we shouldn’t do is extend laws on detention without trial and on surveillance. Do you really trust Theresa May with such powers? Do you really trust the government who’s ‘Prevent’ strategy has allowed three terror attacks in recent months to happen yet manages to get a 15-year-old schoolboy interviewed by police for carrying UKIP leaflets? Do you really trust the government who’s hate crime legislation isn’t enforced on radical Islamic hate preachers yet is heavily enforced on people who criticise open door mass immigration on Twitter? Like all laws in this field, such powers will be used as an excuse to limit political opponents generally on the right of British politics.

It’s also worth addressing the recent deployment of soldiers on the streets. It really says a lot about the mismanagement of the police force that we must resort to such measures. We shouldn’t necessarily need soldiers on the street for us to feel safe – if we had actual civilian policemen on the street (not heavily armed paramilitaries) with the ability to tackle crime before it occurs rather than watch it from a CCTV camera or turn up 10 minutes later then we could feel more secure and wouldn’t need to limit our freedom to do so. But if we still don’t feel safe then can we please just admit, as a nation, that our multicultural policy just isn’t working? Can we admit that importing people from parts of the world where extremist backwards ideologies rule and where violence is the norm hasn’t served us much benefit?

There’s so much to consider, but silence is no option, we need people to speak up against the underlying, extremist ideology- be it by our own politicians or moderate peaceful Muslims; we need to enforce our laws against the terrorists, hate preachers and all their supporters; but we do not need to, and must never attempt to make the overwhelming majority of the British public suffer by stripping the hard-won liberties of our people.

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