Battle Looms For UKIP’s Soul

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  1. D Turner says:

    If Walters is not allowed to stand the party will be finished.

  2. Chris says:

    I do hope UKIP will finish the summer stood upon all 3 of these legs: Whittle and JRE are gentlemanlike culture warriors, AMW gives the heart; the mix of left and right wing backgrounds and social backgrounds lifts the party off the usual political and class axes.
    Whittle isn’t as charismatic as the other 2 but the trio would be a winner.
    You’d create a party which is both urbane and street-fighting at the same time.

    • Dee says:

      I absolutely agree, Chris, but because I feel the Islam conversation is so necessary and so many want it, I feel it is important for Anne Marie to lead UKIP – she has extensive knowledge and won’t back down, which is what always happens when people try to bring it up, and so there are mixed messages with wavering messages, the left and MSM seize on that and shot the messenger. That will not happen with Anne Marie. John is gentlemanly and charismatic Peter has long been a culture warrior. Stuart Agnew must be credited too, and AMW wants to bring him in as Deputy so great for countryside issues – always neglected – plus he is solid on Sharia. I’m hugely optimistic – however if either of the other two win I hope they bring in AMW it’s essential. Hopefully John knows that most of his supporters left when he was ignored. This can’t happen again!

  3. Deirdre Trotman says:

    The strange thing is the refusal of so many to face up to the fact that ‘the religion’ (Islam) is not compatible with British values.. It would be, if it reformed, like all the other religions with bloody pasts have done – but there is no sign of that happening, in fact reformers like Imam Tawhidi have had to call for security before he could speak out. Salmon Rushdie has had to live under protection. No one dares to publically criticize – there are no public discussion forums on the subject – is all this really compatible with British values? Yet, no one will say so, except Anne Marie Waters, who gets demonized for it. We have to put measures in place to protect our values, and we have to have the conversation. History, past and recent, tells us we must. Anne is willing. She has my vote, for my granddaughters sake, and for yours.

    • Paddy Singh says:

      Islam today is a repeat of what the Inquisition was for the Christians. You have the Isis, the Al qaeeda and the allied destructors of their own faith and the Shias and the Sunnis all accusing the other of heresy. We have witnessed their assault on British values in Rotherham, Rochdale etc while the government sits on the bible of political correctness. I keep thinking ‘Quo Vadis’ Britain

      • Dee says:

        Absolutely agree – as to Quo Vadis – it’s difficult as the Globalist Government is aiding our demise for us to overcome the destruction of our values – but people are waking up, we will not go down without a fight!

  4. Cliff Dixon says:

    A good analysis but with one slight flaw – the UKIP vote outside of Essex did not go Conservative, much of it went Labour.

    Where I live in Hillingdon, the Tory vote stood still whilst the Labour vote surged in all 3 constituencies as the UKIP vote collapsed.

  5. The article is interesting except in its comments over Stoke. The Stoke result was one of the worst by-election campaigns UKIp has run. The candidate was dead in the water before he was nominated, the procession of stories trotted out by the media which became the story rather than the campaign. From the moment it was suggested he lived in Stoke was the edge of the precipice. It will be remembered for ever for the Crick through the letter box picture. It is still not excepted by those who delivered the result. The GE campaign was abysmal, not as many have claimed on policy matters but the delivery, the missed messaging the dreadful launches culminating with activists shouting at reporters. By my reckoning there are still 12 candidates viewing to lead UKIP with 2 having already dropped out. The soul of UKIP is up for the taking ? but who will grasp it.

  6. Peter Jones says:

    The worrying thing I feel is if Nigel Farage feels Waters is too extreme then how could you disagree. Tommy Robinson backs her, how can that work? He isn’t allowed party membership.
    I now see her posting about a break away party (If she doesn’t win)
    Are we seeing her Labour roots?
    Kick her out, want BNP fuck off to BNP

  7. Peter Jones says:

    AMD leads Ukip & I along with many MEPS Inc Nigel Farage will quit the party.
    Nigel will be back in the front line, as indeed has even Arron Banks said he’d be back.
    Just so long as it’s not the BNP. Act like them, face their path to nothing. Then the only voice you’ll have is thd Tories. The country is over then, not just Ukip.

    • Dee says:

      AMW has a very good manifesto, and to characterize her as a BNP type one trick pony is disingenuous. I am ashamed of the way some MEP’s and others are behaving. Stuart .Agnew is hardly a BNP activist and yet he understands the dreadful disservice that is being done to thousands, literally thousand of little girls because of forced FGM, marriage as well as to young women, who are also forced to live half a life because Sharia is allowed to rule their lives instead of British Law. It is frankly sheer cowardice not to confront the issue and be willing to talk about it and present solutions. That is by no means the only problem we have. The unwillingness to confront the dreadful cruelty of Halal slaughter – did you know that money is paid by companies to Halal slaughter houses which is used to fund mosques and possibly terrorism? The companies pay up because they are afraid of being labeled Islamophobic. AMW is not afraid to have the conversation, she is extremely knowledgeable as well as brave – that some in UKIP have joined the MSM feeding frenzy to smear her and make her task even harder, should she win, is disgraceful. Never mind the fact that some of you have decided to smear people like me, a respectable grandmother as far right neo-nazi, frankly, I don’t care what you do.

  8. Catherine Winning says:

    I would like to see the party get back to basics ! Since the referendum result it is like everyone at the top has got the same madness as Westminster ? No one party seems to be agreeing on anything within it’s circle of trust. This in party feuding if allowed to carry on will be the end of UKIP ! We want stronger unity and more connection as to what is going on. If it were not for Facebook I would totally be out of the loop as to what candidates are standing. We need more interaction between the people of the party and those that want to lead it. The people of this country are crying out for a complete change of the Conservatives and Labour choices that so far have been the norm. In 2015 nearly 4 million people voted for UKIP and it is not impossible to reach out to these people again. As long as the party is united in all areas and has sound leadership.

  9. Dee says:

    Peter Jones – I have enormous respect for Nigel. He endured much to get us to where we were. The pity is that he stepped down too soon, but I imagine he thought he had left UKIP in the safe hands of his UKIP Deputy Mr Nuttall, who immediately dropped the UKIP flag and resigned, causing catastrophy both for UKIP and worse, for Britain. What he was thinking I have no idea, but it allowed Remainers to regroup and is the reason we are where we are. He never did give an explaination except that he had decided to ‘leave it to the young’ – he was 39.
    Nigel endured enough, and I wouldn’t want or expect, indeed he has shown no appetite for confronting what will be the bile of the permanently offended when we try to ensure that animals are slaughtered in the most humane way possible, that little girls aren’t brutalized and the funding of mosques and radical Imams is stopped. The latter is setting up huge problems in the future as the young people are being encouraged to believe in Wahhabism – do you prefer to leave the problem to our own children perhaps?
    Anne is not afraid to put forward possible solutions to many of the problems facing Britain, from housing to the economy – she has an excellent manifesto and the courage to talk about it. If only UKIP could come together, with J RE’s vision of expanding UKIP and Anne’s leadership we would really be able to offer Britain some hope. That is what is important now, not whether you and some other MEP’s try to keep UKIP the almost irrelevant party it now is. It’s not working too well at the moment, nor has it for the last year, has it.

    • Peter Jones says:

      It’s exactly what I don’t want. How long has for instance BNP & Britain First campaigned on this stuff? We was super successful before this. There’s even a video of Nigel warning against it. I probably wouldn’t leave the party, but every defence of it is gone. EDL for instance, nothing against then what so ever, but if you can’t be a member after involvement how on earth can you speak for a potential Ukip leader?
      A lot joined Ukip based on sensible common sense approach to immigration, it will become quite ridiculous.

      • Dee says:

        I think things have changed hugely since Angela Markel invited the World in. People have seen now that her policy is disastrous from a cultural point of view. The conversation is not standing still, but some in UKIP want to. How many people say they have no party to represent them? How many don’t vote because no-one will face up to the problems. Yes, UKIP was successful when finally people understood what they were on about – but you can’t go back, the country has moved on, you can’t stand still and long for the glory days. Who will speak for those disadvantaged people, those people who have left Luton, Bradford and other places because it has become impossible to live there. Don’t you see, you are leaving people no alternative but to take matters into their own hands, as the Sikhs had to, to save their girls – and ended up in prison for doing so. Don’t you see that a truly far right party will arise – as is happening, and you can’t blame them, in Sweden. It won’t end well, there will eventually be civil war there. We can do this the right way, but to achieve anything the problem must be given a name. I don’t believe you don’t know what is happening. A possible 5% of the population, aided, of course by Communist Labour and Globalist Tories, are changing our values, our laws and the way we live. I don’t want to fall out with anyone, I just don’t understand why you don’t want UKIP to once again come to the rescue of Britain, especially as we have a potential leader willing to do it. We need to do it for the young people, Muslim and non Muslim alike. They need to have the chance to live in the Britain that our children too should enjoy. It won’t happen, unless there is someone willing to make it. That someone cannot, for his sake, be Nigel, and it wouldn’t work.. and you haven’t made things any easier for anyone willing to try. I can tell you something, if DD is implemented in UKIP, people will demand it.

        • Peter Jones says:

          I hope you’re right. I think possibly the easiest decision would be John Rees Evans with Anne Marie. Hopefully Nigel would be OK with that and certainly David Kurten etc in a prominent position.
          We’ll see how we go. I never forgave Nuttall for his front line choosing.
          If JRE AMD DK NF etc all in it. then no matter which is leader nobody could complain.

          • Dee says:

            Agreed! I hope all of them remember that had J R-E been brought in the last time things might have been different – we certainly would have got the on-line and YI re-vitalised – I have my fingers crossed that all work together, and then the Party would come together too. Fabulous! Please try and ensure a fair Leadership election, and no more smearing! Thank you. πŸ‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  10. ogga1 says:

    I want to see Anne Marie Waters in the hierarchy, but would like to see Rees Evans as leader, in prior posts I have been calling for a membership build up since the 24 th June 16 suspecting what was coming.
    Personally I believe a build up of membership to be essential with or without a leader in place temporarily a strong force within the party would deter any thoughts of treachery which are never far away when dealing with the lab/lib/con cartel.

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