Farage Slams BBC over ‘Anti-Brexit’ Proms

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  1. BBC are and always babe been biased, they push their politics wherever they like, best not watch.

  2. Alan Warner says:

    When will government put a stop to this Publicly funded left wing trash , Forced on us whether we like it or not,
    It’s high time there theft of licence money was stopped, I do not want my licence money used to promote Corbyns and other lefties foul ideas.

  3. Alvin webster says:

    I feel so strong about the BBC. using platforms such as this and not let us forget the BBC news when Corbin gets 20 mins of prime time ads for free when he turns up here and there to forward his ideas to an ordiance he is leading by the nose and the so called unbiased prime time news channel òf the day milks it for all its worth. BBC news should hang it’s head in shame.

  4. Mr. W. Latham says:

    Common education = “Common Purpose”: the vile infestation of city and county and town councils by the european taxation union to annul all things British. Perhaps Barenboim should fuck-offskee.

  5. Mr Farage is absolutely right, the proms night is a night of musical entertainment enjoyed by many …IT IS A NON POLITICAL EVENT. To be enjoyed by all , to introduce politics not only spoils the pleasure of a wonderful evening but smacks of ‘dictatorship’ IE now we have you all together under one roof we can preach our message! How sad that such a world renowned event has sunk to such tactics and use this wonderful event as a political platform For me it has cheapened the whole thing and I will not attend another. Deeply disillusioned fan of this wonderful event.

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