ALT-POLITICS Says – Steve Crowther’s Brexit Stance Is Too Passive

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  1. Ken Newbury says:

    I totally agree with the above statements.

    Any lost UKIP souls, come join my Facebook group; UKIP WILL BE STRONGER

    Don’t let these weak Theresa May government members, HAMMOND etc, ruin our BREXIT.

    All you foolish Kippers that voted Labour in the GE, get your heads right.

    UKIP are the only honest group that can save our country, regain your UKIP loyalty.

    Ken Newbury.

  2. Michael Dixon says:

    Agree , but can we avoid that tired old cliche “what it says on the tin”?

  3. dixonmg says:

    Agree but can we leave out the hackneyed cliche ” what it says on the tin”?

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