Verhofstadt Issues Brexit ‘Update’: Against UK’s ‘Intrusive Criminality Checks’ On EU Nationals

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    “”The European Parliament will formally and in due time indicate when the point of ‘sufficient progress’ has been reached.”
    What gives them the right to decide that? If they don’t like how we do things and how we deal with our immigration then they can go f***know themselves, it’s our choice how we control our boarders etc, yes both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens EU should have the same rights but as EU citizens would not get benefits wherever they are from in the EU as they do in the UK and UK citizens in the EU can’t claim any benefits in a EU Country then EU citizens should not be able to claim benefits from the UK any longer while they are here nor should those EU citizens who get benefits from the UK at present be able to transfer these benefits should they leave the UK by choice or otherwise,
    As for transferability of NHS health care, voting rights, social rights and voting rights these also should not be transferable should any citizen leave the UK unless that person has paid into our National insurance system for at least 20 years, if they haven’t paid into or only paid for a small amount of time why should they benefit from our nhs system or benefits system, if they leave the UK then they should lose that status also.
    As for the UK border agencies doing criminality checks etc yes they should do them on everyone who wishes to enter the UK on a residency basis, our borders should be tightly controlled much like they are in USA and Australia.
    As for the European Court of justice that should be withdrawn and have no standing or recognition in the UK or within UK law, and have no part or say in any Brexit negotiations.

  2. motorhome1 says:

    In your dreams pal

  3. Angela Davys says:

    exactly right our country our rules and laws our courts nothing else acceptable.

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