Campaign To Remove Hammond Hits 30k Signatures – Sign Below

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9 Responses

  1. George Thorburn says:

    Hammond is disingenuous and appears to be determined to go against the Referendum result by keeping the UK in a bloated bureaucracy regardless of cost.We must be a sovereign power that makes its own laws and controls its own destiny.

  2. Richard Bumfrey says:

    Philip Hammond what part of democracy don’t you understand the people vote to leave the European union by 2019 not when you decide you are breaking our human rights it’s the will of the majority and not some jumped up little politicians like you

  3. Gyorgyi Feast says:

    Hammond must go,he is a traitor.

  4. Keith Lovell Noel Jahans says:

    Selfserving individual must go. Not fit for purpose.

  5. Harry Kay says:

    I wonder which way he voted in the election.

  6. Hammond should leave .so that the Uk can make real progress with our brevet negotiations.

  7. He must go Phillip Hammond does not have the interest of the British people at heart……for that matter neither does Gove….

  8. Stephen Boraston says:

    He thinks he’s the PM and is a dangerous traitor in the background that needs sacking as he’s so disruptive with BREXIT and is looking for a Brussels job now, well bigger off there now and join the sinking ship

  9. Mark Phillips says:


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