LBC Hits 2m Listeners A Week – A Quarter of Them For Nigel Farage

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4 Responses

  1. Wilma Inches says:

    Katie Hopkins should never have been fired, we need differences of opinion, we can make up our own minds, most of us are adults which is why we listen to Nigel and Katie only truthful people on the radio

  2. Ray Crawley says:

    Yes miss Katiel very much.

  3. Ian sparrow says:

    Go go Nigel,the only man in England that is truthful, sorry Katie, they just don’t like it up them.

  4. Katherine Gladstone says:

    There’s been a vocal campaign from lefties, wanting Nigel sacked from his job at LBC for “telling lies!!!!” I’m so glad these figures have come out, as there is no way the bosses at LBC will kill the goose that lays a golden egg, and the left can twist all they want, but it ain’t gonna happen!

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