Waters ‘Expects To Be Excluded’ From UKIP Leadership Race

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Davies says:

    Unfortunately this does point to an earlier comment on Facebook that UKIP tends to be predominantly very right of centre, and attracts a strong racist following. This is not to say every UKIP supporter is racist, but every racist is a UKIP supporter

  2. Katherine Gladstone says:

    Mark Davies…. How do you make out that UKIP attracts racists? Is it simply because Anne Marie Waters is critical of Islam? Islam is not a race, you can get followers of every race and skin tone following it. I would actually argue it isn’t even a religion, but an ideology. I would also ask you why you think that criticising a particular belief system makes you racist? If Ms Waters was vocal against Christians, would you be commenting? Ms Waters isn’t anti Islam as such, but against its more radical teachings, which then makes it harder for followers to integrate into British society.
    Why for example, have there been no prosecutions for FGM even though hundreds of girls endure it each year, and it is illegal in this country? People like you, who shout “Racist” every time Islam is criticised, are the partial cause of the misery of these young girls, as people are too frightened to speak up for these childrens rights incase they are labelled. Shame on you and those like you!

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