Review of the UKIP Leadership Candidates and a Conclusion

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2 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    Look you really need to get with the programme ,since the loss of Farage ,it’s been chaos ,Thr reality is our country needs a party to represent ordinary working public .we have two Party arrogant bunch of disconnected estabishment people ,who have no idea ordinary think live ,they have managed to run up the biggest debit in history politically they are disaster ,now Tony Blair is trying sabotage Brexit ,this with Merkel ,a organised attempt to keep us in Europe, Hammond many others .
    The idea to create multicultural Europe with Britain included. It is not part of plan to be outside .Europe ,it is realised that Britain outside. EU will create catalyst ,and could cause the break of Europe ,plus being second biggest contributor to Europe
    The mass of immigration that is coming will over run the ability to control and create the benefits and services ,plus threat to our society ,I believe we are waking up to threat created by the politicians paid for by he people ,And our politicians disconnected from realities of the effect on our society ,violence and crime that comes with them .

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