The Good News From God

The Watchtower Corporation, the 'Bond villain' like overseers of the Jehovah's Witness cult.

John Gilday

Lab technician in my early twenties. I despise politics, but often end up writing about it. Pro-Brexit. No particular political affiliations but have always been a peripheral UKIP supporter.

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13 Responses

  1. Paul Perrin says:

    TLDR. But it basically seems you worked pretty hard to be offended. Or just wanted to write a long, boring, rambling, anti Christian article so made up some rubbish to hang your story on.

    Don’t like em? Avoid em! it’s really, really simple.

    Not happy with Islamists? Good luck avoiding them without getting in legal trouble….

    • John Gilday says:

      Hello Paul.
      Thank you for your comment, it’s very nice to have some constructive criticism.
      I’m not entirely sure what your point is, however. This is not anti-Christian. My argument here is specifically with the Watchtower and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. My eight year old nephew figured that out. I have no quarrel with Christians or any other believers provided they don’t bully, intimidate, blackmail, and generally behave unkindly to other people or force their beliefs on others. If you think that an unreasonable position, I would have to suggest that it is perhaps not I with the issue. In finding the need to comment and display your determination to take umbrage at a non-existent anti-Christian agenda, would you not say this might be a pot/kettle case? Also, I might direct you to my various thoughts on Islamists in my other articles, if you would like to establish and research my opinions before simply deciding, beyond all reasonable doubt, without a shred of evidence. Perhaps you would like to read a few of my other essays before nailing your colours to the mast?
      Kind regards.

  2. P. Laskey says:

    If I decide to cling to one religion it will be one that has been around for a long time i.e., not the muslim faith a mere 1500 years or jehovas witnesses, say, 200 years but Christianity which
    Predates both. I am not a churchgoer, however, I am aware that some of the most wicked and evil people I have met are churchgoers. I know the difference between good and bad and believe that the bad things I do, keeps my soul in a wholesome state of humility. Further to this, I believe Heavens Portals are far too lowly to allow such lofty religious leaders to pass.

    • John Gilday says:

      Hello. Thank you for commenting.
      I can’t quite say I follow your argument either. I’m not quite sure how the age of an ideology has any relevance to it’s authenticity. People once buried children in the alive in the foundations of new buildings to appease deities. I think we can both agree that these ancient people may have been somewhat mistaken in doing so. As for Christianity predating both, the Witnesses are an offshoot or denomination of Christianity. So I presume any Christian not a Catholic is dismissed with the same smugness by yourself? After all the protestant reformation in Britain didn’t come along until the 16th century. Also, I would point out that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were formed later than your mathematics would indicate, with the Watchtower established in the 1880’s by the insane Charles Russel. His earlier work was precursory, but not directly related to the death cult as it stands. Not to condescend, but I would advise some further research before jumping in and making wild suggestions like age equals authenticity (despite Islam being only 600 years younger than Christianity, allegedly) and then getting the dates wrong. It makes you look rather silly. I am glad to hear that you recognise good and evil people, along with those of relative indifference, occur in spite of faith, even within it, and that the ideas of clerical authority and self-appointed intermediaries are unconvincing to you. This was very much my own point, albeit specifically in terms of the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. This seems to be where we disagree. So far every single person who has commented on this essay, either here or on social media platforms, has done so from the position of taking umbrage of some kind on the part of Christianity, despite the fact that I make my case very specifically against the Jehovah’s Witness denomination. Even more specifically in regards to the cruel, callous, indifferent, solipsistic, narcissistic and generally repugnant beliefs they hold and the equally vile way in which they intimidate and blackmail children and vulnerable people into submission and conformity, then take away everyone and everything from anyone who dares to dissent. To the best of my knowledge, the majority of other Christians of their various sects and denominations no longer behave in this way, at least not here in Britain. And as such, so long as they don’t attempt to crowbar their beliefs into the legislature, I don’t actually care what they believe. Because as long as they keep it out of my life, it’s not any of my business. I hope that clarifies my position for you.

  3. My flip, my turn.? Ꮮarry mentioned eagerly wiggling
    to get a chance to talk. ?I feel the ρsrfect thing aƄout God
    is that he can beat uup the satan as a result of the ssatan is horrifying and imply and ugly and unhealthy and God can bеat him up so tһe satan can?t hurt us like hee did these dеmon stuffed individuals in Jesus

    • John Gilday says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand any of that. Not the semantics, the grammar, spelling, structure, etc. It’s just gibberish. You may well have a valid point, which I’d be more than happy to address if you’d like to try again. But I’m afraid I have no idea what this is supposed to be about.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Hi John. I just wanted to thank you for your writing. I found the put-down on The Faith, with the use of the Holy Bible, as interesting as it was funny. – I have never had a Bible linked experience like that before. I enjoyed it, and I keep my Faith. So well done.
    As for the JWs, I have to agree with much of your findings. I have always been shy of quoting the 144,000 to JWs as this would probably upset them, since the list must have been completed ages ago, so what hope do they hold to ? When visited, always in twos, and peddling their Watchtower, so long as I’m not in the middle of something, I invite them in for tea and a chat. I don’t know why, but they always seem nervous about that. – Probably because generally they get verbal abuse, but for them it is probably another cross they have accepted with holy ritual indignation ! So over a cuppa, I let them go through their Bible quotes, and then ask them about the start of the JW movement, and its Leader. I always ask how he could be so wrong in giving a time for the end of the world, which did not happen. Also how he did not know, from Revelations, that no one knows that date, only God Himself ! It’s very naughty fun, and they leave with a high degree of confusion. I end up feeling guilty, for a whole minute !
    I did not think deeply about Christianity until at about the age of 28, I thought it was time I had an answer to the question of ”Does God exist ?” Time and again after an evening of beer and skittles, my mates would be at my house for a fry-up, and this question would crop up. I used to wait for the room to divide into the yeses and the nos, and join the smaller group for the sake of discussion or argument. I had been to Sunday School, and winced under RE in school, and even suffered a resident Padre in two years at Naval School, and it all left me untouched. Now I wanted to know the fact. I was invited to a Sunday service at a Pentecostal Church, and quickly found that the Pastor was a master of his subject, a great deliverer of sermons, and a most likable man with time to spare if a question was asked. I kept going back to that church for about 10 months. I read so much, my eyes hurt. – Reading The Bible, but also a book entitled Christianity and Comparative World Religions. Hindu and Shinto beliefs had me in stitches. Jewish and Islamist were of interest, but the birth, the life, the teaching, the character and the death of Jesus stood out very clear as the truth. Further reading made me see that the early, persecuted church, was of an exceptionally high order. Then the rot came into what was the Universal church. ( RC ). Pope Leo X brought about the Plenary Indulgences for European Wealth, and the money came rolling in. There were some Popes that were Pious, as well as in name, but generally Christianity has tried hard to find its way back to that early church.
    All I can say from a personal view point, is that since I took the leap of faith to the person of Jesus, and had my baptism, I have not been in any way disappointed. If anything, I have lost my faith and become a know-so-person. The way of Almighty God is by FAITH, and not in any way by proof. – Most irksome to so many, but that is the way of God.

    • John Gilday says:

      Thank you for your comment Mike, I’m sorry it’s taken such a great deal of time to respond, I’m afraid I don’t really contribute here anymore. Obviously, we’ll have to agree to a difference of opinion r.e. the truth of the scriptures, but I’m sure that’s of little importance for the most part. My critique of the Witnesses is more with respect to their behaviour and how they treat other human beings, especially their own, which I could only call abhorrent and evil, and even that seems tantamount to flattery. I would say that far from the gentle, meek and mild pamphlet pushers most imagine them to be, and as they endeavour to make themselves appear, the mind control, manipulation, blackmail and intimidation, and the way they remove the families and friends of anyone who dissents in even the most minor fashion, especially where the disabled and disadvantaged are concerned, this is simply unforgivable. I don’t really care what people believe, despite my dim analysis of the texts. It’s more how one applies them. If you will condemn a group of people who harm nobody in any way as evil, disgusting sinners, intimidate children with threats of death and torture, persecute, etc, then you cross a line. I’m glad to say most believers I know personally do not behave in this way.

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    • John Gilday says:

      Good evening. I’m so very sorry it’s taken such a long time to respond to your comments. I have not written for this site for some time. I wonder, if your request is specific to my material specifically, or the website and it’s media at large? If I can provide anything further of my own, please feel free to contact me directly at, as I am much more likely to find your communications.
      Kind regards.

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