Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘Seriously Considering’ Tory Leadership Bid

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7 Responses

  1. John says:

    The wrong UKIP leader could result in the return of Farage perhaps in a totally different Party, an alliance with Mogg would be interesting

    • Angela nicholls says:

      It would be excellent as they both know the truth of what is going on.and neither mince there words.they are both dedicated to the people and not the establishment.

  2. The sooner Jacob Rees Mogg takes over to be PM OF OUR COUNTRY the better. He has strong views that we need to hear. Just get May out now, not in 2019. There will be no Great Britain left if it is in her hands much longer. What should have been straightforward to her she simply did not understand. Consequently our country is absolutely falling apart. But what else could we expect. She IS A REMAINER. Please back Rees Mogg everybody to endeavour to sort out Brexit and abide by the Vote that we won, which included less, if any more, immigrants. They are turning German people out of their homes and moving in. They will do it in every country until they have taken over.

  3. If you are a conservative ,we should all write to our local m.p. And tell them that we have No Confidence in the leader and want a Vote for a Brexit believing PM. And do it before the powers that be have sold us to the EU completely. Do it now

  4. Charles March says:

    Jacob could well become William Pitt the Younger, Mark (ii). We need new and patriotic blood because the older blood smells decidedly off!

  5. Kevin Souter says:

    Well i still cannot see how an remainer can possible be asked to get us out of the eu, for gods sake, and ours lets hope Jacob really is the MAN we need. it would seem to me the only way we are going to get out.

  6. Myra Shearer says:

    A partnership between Jacob and Nigel would solve our problems. We can’t delay as Theresa May will not deliver what we voted for.

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